Sunday, 1 May 2016

Baby Number 3?? | Thoughts & Feelings..

I get asked lots almost weekly whether we will ever consider baby 3 or if i ever get broody since my two are no longer babies or toddlers. To be perfectly honest since having Violet i felt so content and happy having her and just enjoyed her as a baby and toddler and so on.. I've never really got the urge to feel broody or want another.

I knew straight away.. well probably around the 6 months + age of having Alister i wanted another and for him to have a sibling. Quite surprising when i look back though because he wasn't the easiest of babies and cried lots! 

Lots of my friends just recently have given birth to their 3rd or expecting their 3rd in the next few months. Its a very exciting and daunting time for them. Some knew for sure they wanted a 3rd and others were uncertain for ages and also worried about the age gaps ETC.

Alister will be 7 in May and Violet will soon be approaching her 5th Birthday in October and going to school. 

This year has probably been my 'broodiest' year in forever! maybe its because lots of people are pregnant around me? or maybe because my two are growing up and blossoming into their own beautiful people. I know for sure I'm struggling to come to terms with Violet going to school in September. 

I have days where i sit and think about being at home on my own 5 days a week.. and wonder where will my place lie? What will i do with myself? Ive been so used to being a Stay at home mum for so long and house wife.. who will need me?

Im not sure whether to venture out and find myself again, a part time job maybe.

Violet is my little sidekick, my little 'mini me' and enjoys lots of things i like to do to. I am gutted to lose her in September for sure.

I have moments of should we have another? And oh id love to be pregnant again .. and to have a newborn would be amazing, i also loved breastfeeding my two aswell.

However i always have the feeling of could i do it again? With such a big gap would it just be too much for me to start all over? I also literally have nothing! I sold practically everything baby related apart from the sentimental bits i couldn't get rid of. So the expense of buying it all again would also add pressure i think. 

Also the balance of how we do things.. like when we go out, Graham holds one hand i hold the other.. or when i take them out anywhere i can keep my eyes on both, sit in the middle when were in the cinema. Sounds ridiculous but the process of it all I've been through is intense ha!

But again in another mind i would love to do it all again, feels like a lifetime ago since Violet was a babe. Ive always been so maternal and wanted a bigger family, I'm 1 of four siblings and loved having older brothers and sisters.

I think this is a dilemma i will continue to sit on for a while till i know its the 'right time' to have another,  I know theres never really a 'right time' but i think people know when they do or don't.

Im also such a 'planner' i was pretty instant with falling pregnant with Alister, but for some reason i think i might of stressed myself out a bit with calculating cycles etc it took about 5-6 months to fall with Violet.

My time might never come and i may sit on this forever and it will pass who knows!

I know for sure Graham is happy and would settle with two, since he does like to say ' we have a boy & girl' what more do we need.. and i get that, but i think its a different feeling for a woman, carrying the baby, breastfeeding the whole newborn baby thing for me is just amazing.

Who knows what will happen in the future but for now I'm so happy with my two and enjoying them as they grow its so rewarding and they both give back so much now.

Alisters 20 week scan.

I would love to hear your thoughts if your considering another baby or if you have 3 or more children.. did i really make much difference??

Claire x


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Little Live Pets Review | Lil Mouse Play Trail

The children have been enjoying the Little Live Pets ' Lil Mouse' Set the last few weeks.
This is a brilliant toy for ages 3 years and over. Its great for the children to have a realistic type pet in the house, without having an actual mouse and the clean up of real animals!

The kids have real found this toy very entertaining and were looking into getting extra add ons and even another mouse to make it more fun.

Alister my 7 year old practically put it together himself the instructions were very easy to follow. Set by step guides with pictures. The mouse isn't actually included with the play trail. 


After a few attempts the mouse does such a good job independently following round the track, through the different bends and onto the wheel, the kids were very impressed. 

The mouse itself is battery operated and is designed for its wheels to spin in a certain order and speed so if it does get stuck or lodged somewhere it will automatically reverse and manoeuvre itself out which is a great feature!

The Little Live Playset retails at around £35 and the mice come in many different colours and retail around £10.

This toy has given the children hours of fun and really entertains anyone who comes over!


Monday, 25 April 2016

Our Eurocamp Holiday | France Review

Hi Everyone, We recently got back from an amazing holiday with Eurocamp over in Normandy France. Im excited to share how we got on since this was our first 'Eurocamp' experience!
We stayed at the La Côte de Nacre Campsite

We ventured out bring and early Friday morning to catch our ferry from Porstmouth, we used Brittany Ferries to travel over to Caen which was a fair few hours trip but luckily the boat over had entertainment, games room and mini soft play for the children, which was honesty a lifesaver!

Once we got off the long ferry journey La Côte de Nacre Campsite was only a 20 minute drive away. Grahams first time driving on the other side of the road in France was really good, the route was very simple to the campsite.


We stayed in the very modern Vista 3 Bed Holiday Home.
The bedrooms were quite spacious and all had large built in storage. I loved the living space because it was totally open planned. It didn't overcrowded since we had space to pull out the dining table with extra chairs. Also he kids had space to play and colour on the floor. 

The sofa area was comfy and adaptable with a pull out bed underneath for extra guests which was really good. There was a docking station for an iPod or iPhone 4 which we used a lot.

The veranda had a patio set which we used on the sunnier days and we also had a gas barbecue which Eurocamp provide with gas. We definitely took advantage of that on the warmest day, Graham rustled up some yummy French sausages and Burgers!

The patio doors swung open wide for extra entertaining space which was lovely.

I loved the kitchen and how equipped it came, everything i needed was available and we cooked every morning and most evenings. The kitchen came with a Microwave and whistling kettle which i enjoyed using! The whole space though quite small felt so spacious and bright.

We had 3 bedrooms, 1 double, 1 standard twin and a bunked which the children shared.
There was a large shower and 1 toilet.
The bedrooms were as spacious as they could be, good enough to sleep in and could hold some hanged clothing in the wardrobe. We used the twin bedroom for our suitcase and extras room!

Each room had electric heaters in, which were really easy to use and kept the whole place so cosy and warm.. sometimes too warm! 

I loved that each bed not only had the bedlinen but lovely cosy blankets to, its was great to snuggle up together and play board games in the evenings. 

The bed linen  is and extra and starts from £12.50 and saves bringing all your own stuff and having the extra washing, you can also hire the towels to!


Euro camp kindly supplied a Welcome pack which is £12 and an Essentials pack at £3. These are great for starting out on basics so you don't have to worry about packing extra things like olive oil & washing up liquid!

We had a lovely wander round the camp and came across a lovely kids enclosed park with this huge play area! There was also lots of other fun climbing equipment and a doggy bouncy castle which was running practically all day!

There were also ping pong tables, basketball & football courts a games room and of course a huge indoor and outdoor pool. The outdoor pool however wasn't open as it was too cold.

We really enjoyed the indoor pool it was lovely and heated and had a really good 'kiddy safe area'. There were loads of loungers and the changing areas were clean and easy to use. I loved that we had to take our shoes off at the entrance to keep the pool area nice and clean.

They definitely come well equipped with lots of things for kids to do of all ages in my opinion.

The restaurant on the camp was great, staff were lovely and we ate there once on the first night. I had yummy pizza and the kids menu was good. They have entertainment for the children most evenings, with a mini disco. The children really enjoyed that especially Violet. We also went to the movie night although the film Big Hero 6 was in French they did have subtitles and the kids didn't seem to mind at all!

Our stay with Eurocamp was brilliant the beach locally was beautiful at St Aubin and the quaint little village was full of pretty buildings and cafes to eat at. The handy Hyper U supermarket was a 5 min drive which was a great place for the essentials of self catering and had everything you would need for your stay.

Thanks so much for Eurocamp for taking us on this Holiday to remember we will definitely be back!

Don't forget to check out our Video of the Holiday Highlights!


****Disclaimer We were given a complimentary holiday to a Eurocamp park of our choice in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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