Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Meal plan for the week 1st September

Ive had such a good healthy week of meals I'm actually buzzing with planning this week food!
I love knowing what I'm going to eat for ease at meal times as i hate trying to decide last minute but most of all just the preparation and thought that goes into making our meals gives me a buzz!

Im a big foody so its probably not strange coming from me anyway but i definitely believe you can become more excited about your meals if you plan them and get family involved with that to!

Anyway this is yet another week of good healthy lean meals! I also have a new gadget to try out called the Spiralizer. I caved any brought one last week so can't wait to trial it on the children i think and hope it will be a hit!

B- Granola, natural yogurt & berries.
D-  Spaghetti Bolognese.

B-porridge with honey & banana.
D- Monk fish & lentil curry with quinoa & edamame.

B- Blackberry chia breakfast bowl
D- Lamb chops, mash potato & peas ( Grahams contribution!!!)

B- banana & strawberry smoothie with spinach.
D- Homemade pizza & corn on the cob.

B-  2 scrambled eggs with spinach & slice of toast.
D- D- 'Greek' marinated chicken with courgette & carrot spaghetti.

B- Pear Pancakes

B- Bacon, egg toasted sandwich.
D- Slowcooker sausage casserole.

Ive been really into baking recently maybe its because the new series of the British Bake Off has started! but there are a few things I'm wanting to make!

These Crunchy Granola Bars look amazing and i think the kids would love them.
Im going to make Chocolate peanut butter Avocado pudding for me & Graham for an evening 'treat'.

Check out my Ocado Grocery haul below-


Monday, 31 August 2015

LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

We recently had the chance to receive a free copy of the new Lego Awesome ideas book by DK.
As you may be aware Alister my son is obsessed with Lego so i knew this book would suit him perfectly.

The new Lego book is full of all new projects for expanding your Lego sets, with a focus on breaking down inspirational LEGO models like never before.

The book itself is broken down into different 'themes' Outer Space, Modern Metropolis, The Wild West, Fantasy Land & The Real World. All pages vary in design for different level of abilities those range from step by step guides and demonstrations to big model galleries of how you can achieve a large lego world and extra ideas for expanding your world to the maximum.

The LEGO Awesome ideas book contains insider tips from LEGO masters, and intricate showstoppers for the most ambitious builder.

Each of the books chapters steadily builds up a theme world showing readers they too can create an entire LEGO world from scratch.

From beginners to masters LEGO Awesome Ideas encourage fans to open their imagination and create their own LEGO designs to expand their LEGO knowledge and creativity.

We all had great fun digging through Alister huge pile of LEGO recreating some of the great models that are in this book. Alister being the pro definitely took over and showed me the ropes. Me being a beginner found he step by step guides brilliant and i quickly moved on to the harder bigger builds.

Alister has built a few models from the book from the different bits of LEGO he has, he has found it tricky since most of the models are 'themed' but working with building his own replica on a few designs has been good.
The book has definitely given Alister some new and fresh ideas to work with and build towards as he gets older and grows his Lego collection. 
He's already asked father Christmas for the 'Out of Space' Themed Lego Christmas!

The LEGO Awesome Ideas book is still not yet released until 1st September but if your looking to get hold of it sooner then check Rafflecopter below and get entering!


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Christmas Turkeys!

We've just recently got our Christmas Turkeys for this year! Still can't quite believe I'm writing a post about Christmas but I'm kind of excited! It all starts to feel like its coming round once we get the turkeys in and summer is coming to an end for another year...

I must admit i am rather sad as i love the summer but it has been  rather wet  & disappointing weather wise this year..

So on to Christmas has anyone started the xmas shopping yet? Im on a roll with generally shopping as of late the kids autumn/ winter clothes are done!

YES i know I'm a keen shopper i just can't help myself with buying in advance!

I actually went online yesterday and brought a few new bits for myself from Next A/W collection I'm really loving khaki would you believe.. of course my favourite for anytime of year is navy though!

With Violets 4th Birthday approaching the end of October as she keeps reminding my daily! I haven't started on the Xmas shopping for the children I'm just so unsure of what to get them!
They seem to have everything toy wise its kind of ridiculous then i also think, where are they even going to put these extra presents?

I have a big family so they get a lot usually i wouldn't say they are spoilt but just very lucky children.
I was thinking maybe getting them both a joint present instead of lots of little ones.. but what?

Any ideas would be welcome!

 Anyway meet our new little turkeys!
 We are rearing 25 this year. 

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