Thursday, 8 October 2015

Royal AirForce Museum | Our Day 27th September

We had a lovely family day out last Sunday at the Royal Airforce Museum.
There was so much to offer for the children we spent a full day there with out getting round the whole place! We all were blown way by the different models of planes there were to look at, as well as the different children gadget areas.

Not only did the children find it very educational and to be perfectly honest even to myself! They had  great fun to! We enjoyed lunch at the lovely cafe which served great lunch box choices for children as well as some scrummy homemade cakes!

Check out our Vlog of the day!


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Meal Plan for the Week 5th October

Another week another meal plan.. This week I'm out twice! which is lovely but kind of annoying because 1 i have to wait and eat later as we usually eat together as a family around 5 ish and 2 i still have to cook although I'm not eating!!!

Ah well good thing i do enjoy cooking and i can pull out some of Graham and the kids favourite meals!

D- Roasted duck legs, mash, peas & gravy.

D- Pork best sausages, Homemade chips & broccoli.

D- Slow cooker roast chicken, rice & creamy mushrooms sauce.

D- baked salmon with Quinoa fried rice.

D- Grahams cooking mummy is out!!!!

Takeaway night!!

Spaghetti bolognese.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Our Cardboard Homes Competition with Ocean finance..

This is our entry to the Cardboard Homes Competition. The kids were excited to receive a very cool Kid Eco but blank  cardboard house a few weeks back to make into their home. They both couldn't wait to get stuck in and put a splash of colour onto the house as well as make it more personal to them.

Violet went straight down the route of rainbows and pretty flowers since she is such a girly girl.
Alister also helped with drawing some beautiful sunflowers.

We then decided to bring out the paint! The kids had fun using their hands to paint the house, also making their own designs, we decided on the 'theme' Weather for our house in the end since Alister was keen to draw a large tree which had leaves fallen off with also dark clouds. 

Alister had the idea of sticking on actual leaves from outside so we ventured out and picked up all the autumn leaves we could find off our own trees, we dried them out and they stuck them on with PVA glue!

We all throughly enjoyed making and decorating the Eco house 

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