Monday, 9 September 2013

A mixed emotions kind of day!

Alister had his first morning at school today.. 
Complete mixed emotions for me.. I woke feel good , he on the other hand was bright & perky and couldn't wait to get his uniform on! 
And my did he look so grown up once in it! 
While AlIster did his 3 hrs in school me and violet headed to soft play for a bit of fun , she napped on the way home which ment I could get in with filming/ editing & cleaning of corse!!
For snack I had chocolate coconut milk which is delicious .. With Mrs Crimbles chocolate macaroon! 
When I picked Alister up from school he was beaming.. Ran out the door with his book bag & a sticker. 
His teacher Mrs Crump said how well behaved he's was! 
Proud mummy moment for sure! :D

For dinner I couldn't wait to grill out own sirloin steaks accompanied by  gnocchi & courgette with green beans on the side. Yum



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