Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sleepy, Nursery & a food kind of day!!!

Violet had her first settling session at nursery today!
I can not believe how well it went to be honest! I really thought she would scream the place down for me.. but she ran off playing straight away! I filled in loads of forms then left for an hour..
When i returned she had a little grizzle.. and i think that was mainly because of the shock of 'where have you been!' after that though she was fine & we went to get Alister from school!

Today pretty much consisted of cleaning the bathrooms & playing with the kids.. Alister has been loving his Lego so much recently and amazes me every day with what he builds! Hes so creative!

Where the temperature has dropped quite a bit recently I've been really feeling the carb urge to warm & fill me up! We had cheese & ham toasty today followed by a really yummy chicken & butternut squash curry! ( recipe to come on YT) heres a few pics of the meals today :)



  1. Awww i'm so pleased Violet had a good first session at Nursery :)

  2. When will the curry recipe be up sounds yummy x


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