Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bye bye cloth nappies..

Hello pants! 
So from Saturday 5th October Violet has been Potty training! 
She basically woke up Saturday morning refusing to wear a nappy, which wasn't a problem as we had a lazy day anyway! 
I didn't think much of it untill she hopped on the potty a few times during that day.. 
Both kiddies usually head to nanas on Saturday so as I was getting their stuff ready I suggested to violet about putting on a nappy to go to nanas, she went mad and refused again so off she went with her potty to nanas!!
Thank fully nana didn't mind! 
The next morning MIL told me that she had used the potty before bed etc , and was willing to have a nappy on while sleeping.. 
All day Sunday she wore leggings as I hadn't had time to pop to the shop! 
Once I managed to get some pants she was more than happy to wear them! 
The past 6 days we've had 4 accidents!! 
1 of which was at my mums (distracted) 
And the other was at nursery , the others have been peeing right next to the potty (I'm guessing she didn't make it in time!) 
I'm completely amazed and proud at how well she's done! 
I would of never of imagined her to PT at just turned 23 months! Mind blowing!! 
But like I've always known from experience with Alister.. They definitely know when they are ready, and it's best to just go with flow .. 
Now as of Thursday 10th Violet pretty much use's the potty when she needs to not even a prompt needed.. 
And she loves coming and telling me so she can help tip the wee in the toilet! 
Oh and she's also doing number 2's in the potty aswell! 
First time today we ventured out with the potty with us and she used it in Thorntons public toilets 👍😊 result! 



  1. Awww well done Violet - does it make you a little bit sad though that you'll no longer be needing to use the cloth nappies? Bit of a milestone isn't it?
    (Lisa btw - can never seems to be able to leave my name. It just posts as unknown!)

  2. yes i am so sad no more nappies :( both kids in pants sounds crazy! its such a huge milestone .. but shes happy :)


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