Saturday, 5 October 2013

Current wish list

So i thought it would be fun to show you the things im eyeing up call it a wish list if you like!

Ive been generally loving the online store notonthehighstreet (link below)
they have such a huge variety of things ranging from gifts, clothing, furniture, nicknacks & i just love it!
So one thing i really like is the personalised print i need a few things for the walls around the house and think this could really go!

Weve got 3 recycled plates from babipur which we love because not only are they lovely and deep for the children to scoop food out from & have 3 divided sections but they are made from recycled plastic milk bottles to! anyway ive been eyeing up the bowls & cutlery set to! i love the bright colours also!

This is more of a mummy type non essential item! I've have been wanting this shirt for absolutely ages! have tried it on in numerous Joules shop but still haven't had the guts to fork out £50! waiting for a good discount or even xmas /birthday coming up!!

So for the next things on my list are new 'natural' cleaning products.. im sick of feeling light headed , gagging when cleaning the bathroom & kitchen especially.. the products i use at the moment are so strong i cant use them when the kiddies are about.. they do however do the job! 
I do use Methods bathroom cleaner but it just doesnt cut it like flash! I also cant get enough of the Method multi purpose spray in the kitchen.
So im looking for more kinder products! heres a few im eyeing up from natural collection the currently have 20% off to! 

Currently looking at the bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner & oven & hob cleaner!

So a few more things ive been looking at toilet cleaner, citric acid ( good for hard water areas) stubborn lime scales around taps & this multi usage paste..  


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  1. I love Ecover and Ecozone. I also suffer with strong cleaning products - they are what gave me a cold over my birthday weekend :/
    Pretty Joules shirt, you'll have to drop hints. Also love NOTHS, it has lovely gift ideas for christenings and weddings :)


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