Sunday, 6 October 2013

My week in pictures

Kiddies loving over pickles! 

Violet & me were at Costco on Tuesday!

Cant get enough of this thermal mug I've been taking everywhere!!

Had my first 'scream' egg YUM!

Found this picture in a magazine abit of inspiration for violets Birthday.

Been looking for Mirrors for above the fireplace god its difficult to find a huge one thats nice!

Quailty time with Alister Friday as he had INSET day was lovely we went to soft play then the cinema to watch Despicable me2.

Had my nails taken off! Feels good to have nails to paint.BarryM -raspberry

Violet is now sleeping in a 'toddler' bed the transition wasn't a bother one bit! She loves having the side off! She also for the first time in over a year took a nap during the day in her room! 

My random dinner for Sunday! We went to a bday party which the kiddies pigged out at! So no one wanted dinner! So I made myself wholegrain rice cakes with half an avocado , half a banana, also yeovalley natural yogurt with a few raspberries and the other half of the banana sliced yum!


  1. The mirror looks gorgeous, I love the detailing on it. The chocolate chai latte sounds delicious too! :)

  2. thanks yeah im tempted to get the mirror! oh yes its so good!!

  3. What were the condition of your nails once the false ones were removed?

    1. Mine were fine, just alittle soft because of being covered they were only for just over 2weeks also :)


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