Sunday, 2 February 2014

Easy healthy home-made fish fingers

So thought i'd share this simple how to on homemade fish fingers..
All children love them and big kids to of corse!
But as you know me i always like to make things from scratch not only is it better for you as you know exactly whats in them but they also taste way better!

Heres what you will need:
Cod loins (i used 2)
plain flour
golden bread crumbs
1-2 eggs

First cut your loin in half and then in to quarters ( or what ever thickness you want)

Once all cut to the size you want (mine are nice and chunky pieces of fish)

get out 3 small plates, add flour to one, a beaten egg or two to another and some bread crumbs to the last one..
You want to start by coating the fish in the flour , egg and lastly the bread crumbs.

Once all coated lay them on to a greased proof tray and pop in a preheated oven at 180c for about 15-20mins until golden.

Serve up with some homemade chips, peas and ketchup! 
yum :)


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