Saturday, 22 March 2014

Homemade butter How to:

Ive made homemade butter a few times now and really love how simple and tasty it is.. 
I use raw cream from our own Guernsey cows thats pretty much all you need! 
But of course if you can't get hold of raw cream double cream will work also or a better option would be try and find a local milk farm to try and locate some!

So like i said all you need is cream and salt if you want your butter to be salted.. 

Pour you cream into a deep bowl

I use a hand mixer you could you a standing mixer though.. 

So start you mixer on the fastest setting, your cream will go through a few stages before reaching the butter texture.. stage1


stage 3 will start to lose the liquid fats from the milk/cream

You need to drain this into a separate bowl.. ( you will have to do this several times until no more liquid )

Nearly there!

Once its done its will be a silky creamy texture (like room temp butter) and start to stick to your blade!
Decant into either a sterilised jar or air tight container.. pop in the fridge and use when needed!
your butter will last in the fridge for two weeks :)



  1. Gosh, this brings back memories for me. When I was a little girl (I'm 53 now!) I used to make butter with my Grandma. She didn't have the electric mixer she used the old hand whisk, and she strained it through muslin. Thank you for sharing this Claire. :-)

    1. wow i bet that was hard work.. no problem glad its brought back some memories :)

  2. How much cream do you need for this? X

    1. i think i used a pint and half, i honestly didn't measures it though as i had so much cream to use!


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