Thursday, 27 March 2014

VAX Bare floor S2S-1 steam mop review

Ive been using the VAX steam mop for just over a year now so felt it was finally time to tell you how i felt about it! I pretty much use it around 2/3 times a week.
There are a few to choose from but i have the  VAX bare floor S2S-1 here: VAX pro is so ridiculously easy to use.. fill up one side with water ( unto the line shown) and the other with the VAX cleaner provided or what i prefer to use is half water half Method floor cleaner - its more of a natural cleaner which makes me feel happier!
So ill tell you some of the basic info on why you should choose the VAX in your home..
+Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria for unto 7 days!
+Breaks down grease and grime for easy cleaning
+Kind to the environment
+Clean all types of sealed floors/ tiles
+ Takes just 15sec to heat up
+Dries in minutes!
+super long 8M cord
+Washable  micro fibre floor mats
+Steaming time lasts for 25mins
+comes with a 2yr guarantee
+compact for easy storage

It glides with ease in and out of corners, one button to turn on, and in 15sec light turns green which means its ready to use! Theres a dial in the middle depending on how dirty your floors our. From just a quick clean to stubborn stains.
I honestly couldn't live without my steam mop would recommend it to anyone especially ones with children or pets!



  1. Hiya thanks for the review! Does it come with any attachements for upholstery or anything please? And is it quite powerful?

  2. It doesn't come with any attachments.. this version is only used for floors, i think there are others that have the attachments though :) yeah its quite powerful quite good for old stains on tiles etc..

  3. We used one on our hardwood floors and it destroyed them. But its amazing for tile thats for sure...

  4. Thanks for the review as I have been thinking about getting 1 of these!


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