Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring is here lets get Organised - Pantry

As you may be aware that i am someone who loves having an organised house!
BUT of course just like anyone my cupboards / draws can get a little messy over time when there being used daily!
I used to have a walk in pantry in my old house and when we moved to the bungalow i pretty much only now have cupboard space, which has been fine to be honest because luckily they are quite roomy cupboards!
So let me give you a tour  of my Pantry cupboard!
The main 'pantry' style two doored cupboard i used is full up with the staples, 
I do a ton a baking which pretty much covers this top shelf!
The bottom half is pretty much divided up into staple canned / dried food i.e. rices/ pulses/ beans/ the bread basket /sauces etc.. 
The little clear plastic boxes fit in the spaces so well these are from IKEA £1 each! 
I just used my label maker to label them to keep me & anyone else on top of where everything goes!

So tips on spring cleaning your kitchen cupboards!

+ Check your dates! Go through everything and check the use by date, its surprising how much stuff you will find out of date in your cupboard also do it with your spices to!

+ If you've got lots of items that you rarely use but need to use up Pull them to the front of the shelf/cupboard so you use them first and get them gone without wasting or even consider giving them away to friends/ family or even food banks.

+ Try using storage boxes/ dividers in your cupboards / shelves/ draws to keep things in their right places and it generally makes life easier when looking for something!

+ Again like above try labelling where things go just to make life that bit easier for everyone.

+ Eat as you go! all these offers buy one get one free are great but if your constantly stocking up your with the same items likely hood its going to go out of date before you use it.
Also it gives you the chance to switch up your meals instead of choosing the same old thing in the cupboard!

+ Lastly with the items that have a shorter use by date pull them to the front so they don't go off first!


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