Saturday, 24 May 2014

The BIG transition from Cot to Bed!

So when is the right time transition them?

When their climbing out?
when they've grown out of their cot?
or is it an age thing when they hit their 2nd birthday?

Only you will know when is the best time for child to go into a bed.. when you truly think they are ready!

A lot of people from my own experience think that its bliss when your child finally goes into a bed because you no longer have to get them in & out of a cot especially in the mornings!

But from my own experience and knowing other mums that have battled with their child to even stay in their bed can be more chaos then its worth!

Sometimes keeping them in that cot just those few months longer can not only keep the normal bed time routine as stress free as it usually is but it also gives you the reassurance knowing that your child is safe and sound in their cot!

So i suppose the main reason in my opinion to move your child from cot to bed is when its getting unsafe.. their starting to climb out in anyway possible even on the lowest setting thats probably the best time to start.

You'll know if the transition isn't the right time because it will turn in to a big game of trying to keep the toddler in bed! You can preceed and over come it but it makes take a few nights!

Both my transitioned at 23 months without a bother although Violet has always been a pickle since being in a bed because now she thinks its better to sleep on the floor! strange child!

So tips on the transition:

+ Whether your taking the sides of a cot bed and using a toddler rail or buying a brand new bed involve and explain to your child exactally what your up to and make it exciting!

+ Give them a choice you may think your childs ready to move but actually ask your child if they'd like to be in a 'big' bed because you never know they might not want to!

+ Follow your normal every evening bed time routine, it will help with the whole transition if everything is the same..

+ Make sure you have a regular bed time routine in place so they know all the drills when going to bed.

+ Reassure and explain to them about getting up to use the potty etc, just take make night time wake ups go more smoothly!

+ Also a night light is great for if they are having to get up to use the potty/ toilet.

+ Lastly make the transition fun & relaxed, get loads of their favourite books bring mummy & daddy in to bed snuggle and read until settled.


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