Thursday, 5 June 2014

Kids Summer Time Essentials!

Ive been gathering up bits over the past few months for over the summer for the kids you know the basic essentials that keep them 'safe' from the sun/ warm weather and just general useful items that we love using!

Ok starting off a good suncream is essential i have to send the kids off with a bottle each in their bags for school & nursery. I have been using the Jasons Natural suncream 45 on them for the last 2 years or so.. Cant recommend it enough free from all the nasties - Parabens, SLS, petroleums, phthalates. water resistant for up to 80mins. Smells amazing to like bananas in my opinion! Doesn't leave you hands feeling sticky after using and doesn't leave you looking starling white either!

Sun hats are a definate essential! They need them to keep the heat and sun off their head and neck , shade them from the sun will keep them cool , stop them from burning and also protect them from not only UV rays but flies & wasps.

The type of hat I love is the cap style hat with a long front peek and the extra fabric that drapes along the back of the neck. They usually fit well and the extra protection to the neck is important as it's definitely an area of skin that burns easily.
Heres exactly the hat i recommend and a bargain to!-

Sandal / CROK type shoe or any type of waterproof shoe is the best for my two through the summer, they are so easy for them to whip on and off, breathable in the hot sweaty heat and great for when at the beach in the sea, sand, mud whatever the weather to be honest because they are easily washable and durable!

Finding the perfect water bottle , we mainly use the Avex type ones from Costco they hold a huge amount of water, they have an easy carry handle, flip top and are pretty durable. 
On a daily basis we also use the Sistema bottles, both BPA free, I've never had a problem with them leaking , super durable as they are quite a soft bottle and comes in a ray of sizes and colours. Best of all they are really affordable starting at £2!

I purchased these waterproof backpacks from zulily back in January , they are made by Trunki and are amazing for on the beach or anywhere especially around water! Totally waterproof , the backpack has a unique way to do up the bag, you roll the top down three times then snap it in place with the clip, it's also a safety clip so easy release. They also come in a range of cute colours and animals designs.

Lastly UV suits, both children since babies always always have worn UVA UVB 50+ protective suits, these are amazing for keeping their delicate skin protected from the sun, and always great at keeping them cool.
Both mine have long sleeve tops with hoods i purchased these again from zulily last year i got them an extra size or two up so they would last! they have been brilliant when in the pool or at the beach.
You can also get the all in one suits and the two piece suits these are great also.

Zulily UK-
Zulily US-

Bring on the summer because we are totally prepared!!!
Have you got any other items that you think be would useful for the summer time for the kids let me know in the comments below :)


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