Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer fun in the sun | Ideas & Inspiration

This is the first year I've been counting down to the 6 weeks holiday because Alister has finished his first year at school and I've missed him so much it will be great to have him around all day every day for the next 6 weeks... Ok I'll probably be pulling my hair out somedays trying to think of ideas to Occupy and stimulate his little brain but I suppose that's just normal!

I've always always dreaded the 6 weeks holidays since having children because of the busyness, school kids everywhere and the extortionate prices things are this specific time of year!
But this year being it our first time to holiday in the peak season and doing other activities, I've decided it really doesn't have to cost a small fortune!

I've been searching the Pinterest world once again for some cheap or even free fun activities for the children over summer which I really want to share!

Water balloons & simple DIY pump- my two love water balloons so cheap and hours of fun for all ages this homemade pump is also really great because even a toddler could use it!

Flag hunt! - If you have a big garden or even be great at a local park, again for all ages hide lots of flags set a timer and let the kids & big kids go wild and even throw in a cheap and cheerful prize for the winner! 

Washable chalk paint- we have loads of old broken chalks so I can't wait to give this one ago!

Body tracing art- I really think both mine would love this, trace around their bodies on a large bit of cardboard and let them draw themselves and paint them it would be lovely to see how they see themselves.

Number sense craftivity- Alister loves doing small multiplications and I think this method would be extra fun for him and I think Violet may also really enjoy some basic sums.

Toddler boredom busters! This is a Link full of many ideas for tiny toddlers from water play, sorting & dancing!

Super simple two ingredient play-doh- stretchy and will probably smell amazing to can't wait to try!

Here's a whole load of outdoor water activities you'll have to try at least once this summer!

Sharpie mug- grab some permanent markers and white mugs from your local pound store and let the kids get creative! Great for a rainy day.

Make your own bubbles- this is one thing that costs me a lot at the moment as my two love bubbles 

Cloud dough- totally new to me but looks super fun and cheap!

Masking tape road- we've done this a few times winner every time with kids & great for a wet day!

Glitter GAK- again we made this last year such messy creative fun!

10 ways to make memories for free- this link really made me smile & to just take life back to basics.

There are 100's if not 1000's of ideas on Pinterest so go check them out and even feel free to follow me- thewittfamily click the link on the side.



  1. Excellent post. I really admire how much you put into planning creative activities for the kiddies in the school holidays and throughout the year. Some parents don't think of anything to do with their kids and they're just left to occupy themselves and therefore spend most of the summer holidays glued to the TV or computer games. You put a lot of parents to shame and I hope I can be as good a Mummy to Grace as you are to Violet and Alister now and as she gets older and that I can plan lots of activities to do with her too. You do so much to help with their development and to create lovely memories for them to look back on so they can always know what a happy childhood they had x x

    1. thanks so much! we do have our down days but i find it more beneficial to actually get them involved and do fun stuff to keep their minds learning. :)


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