Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tassimo by Bosch T40 Fidelia Multi Drinks Machine Review

Ive had my Tassimo machine for just over 6 months now so thought i would finally do a review and tell you more about it.

About the machine -

+ It has an intelligent barcode system which will identify your selected drink and automatically adjust the temperature and amount of water for every cup for the perfect drink every time!

+ Theres 35+ varieties of drinks to choose from plus new ones which come out regularly.

+ Water capacity is 2litres so you don't have to top up too often.

+ Descale warning feature & when it is time to descale just press a button and its complete in 20 mins.

+ Adjustable cup stand for any size mug plus drip tray.

+ Its a nice slim line design perfect for any size worktop - Size H27.3, W20.4, D33.4cm.

honestly use it weekly not necessarily daily, its so handy having 'coffee shop' coffee in my own home i very rarely buy a coffee out now!

The Tassimo is a great appliance for your kitchen work top if your a coffee drinker in my opinion, yes they do have a few range of teas and hot chocolates to choose from but id say its mainly dedicated to the coffee drinker!

You can buy your Tassimo from many stores they currently have it on offer on amazon-

Here are a few coffees, tea & hot chocolates from the range!
You can purchase them on the Tassimo website-
and other places either in supermarkets or on amazon.



  1. Lol Claire you could of dusted it before taking pics ;) Joking lol I love mine and rarely buy one out anymore I just wait until I get home hehe xx

    1. haha dust the story of my life!!! yeah I'm the same :)


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