Monday, 4 August 2014

Dream Dots Review

I came across the world of Dream Dots after watching a video review and couldn't wait to try them!
Dream dots is a company from Ireland they have only been around a short while, so I'm sure a lot of you will not of heard of them.
I've been using them for the last month and have seen quite amazing results from such a simple yet unique idea!
Dream dots are a little silicon patch that you put onto a spot, you can either leave it on during the day as they are really invisible or what is recommended is to leave it on while you sleep for 8+ hours.
The Dream dot covers and protects the spot from any dirt, it's reduces redness and size within these hours! It's not a miracle worker so don't expect your spot to disappear in one use! 
But you can keep applying them until your spot has gone or reduced.

Dream Dots are also great to use during the day because theres nothing worse then having a huge red spot on your face and pilling makeup on top to cover it, that will only make it worse and likely hood you'll be tempted to pick it. So best solution is to wear a dream dot they are almost invisible and cover with a light BB cream or foundation no one will ever know!

As an adult acne sufferer I knew these would be great for me, though these are not specially designed for acne but just for a pimple/ spot on your face so just be aware not to place onto an acne blemished face.
DreamDots for spots!- 

Heres my very red spot before bed!

Once the Dream Dot is on covers the redness amazingly!

Morning after once removed the redness as you can see has reduced loads, i continued to use the dream dot again over the next 1-2 nights till it disapeared!

Stay tuned for a giveaway next week :)


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