Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Vegan Kind 10TVK | August 2014

Received my 10th Vegan Kind Box so thought id share what i have got this month!

As usual you get a vegan recipe to go into your Vegan kind binder & a featured charity The Nut House Hen Rescue.

First item Freedom Mallows I've had these before but not the strawberry flavour they look so 

Nothing But.- Mange Tout & red pepper snack have yet to try these but they do look good & healthy!

Propercorn love this stuff & so do the kids-http://www.propercorn.com

Pulsin Vanilla choc chip snack bar great for on the go really healthy tasty treat! http://www.pulsin.co.uk

Livenaturally soap nut powder capsules, i use soap nuts all the time but I'm so pleased to get try the powder capsule form! http://www.soapnuts.co.uk

Lastly Teen Vegan Bracelet, its a social network for young vegetarians & vegans- http://www.teenvgn.com


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