Sunday, 23 November 2014

Doing abit at a time | Wrapping ideas.

Ive started my Christmas wrapping! shock horror i know what your all thinking.. you probably all thought id be on it every year anyway and be fully wrapped and organised but to be perfectly honest i hate wrapping with a passion!

Graham usually does the majority of the wrapping because 1 i buy all the gifts and 2 i just don't have the patience! Having said that I've bitten the bullet and started wrapping up this weekend and feels really good to do bits at a time.

Usually i buy cute and fancy wrapping paper but this year i thought id go for something different for the friends and family. I have opted for the average brown paper with cute tags, ribbons and i got this gorgeous stamp from amazon for only £2.60 stamp just to add an extra christmasy feel to it!

Heres a mixture of my current supplies from lots of different stores from ASDA, WILKO, 99P store and amazon!

I also love nothing more then putting gifts into pretty tissue paper and christmasy gift bags!
Its a quick and easy way to present a gift without too much faff either.


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