Friday, 12 December 2014

My Autumnal Everyday Makeup!

I posted a video which i will link below of my current everyday makeup look, I love this time of yeah because my complexion goes back to the norm ( pale!) and i can bring out the beautiful warm colours for my eyes and cheeks for an everyday look.

Although i love my lipsticks and have too many which i rarely use to be honest! It is nice to pop on a bold lip for an evening with a subtle smokey eye. Im looking forward to a few dinner parties/ evenings I'm going to so i can make the most of of those lipsticks i really don't get a chance to use!

Anyway so here is my very basic and quick Autumnal Makeup look that i have been wearing practically everyday for the last 1-2months!

Loreal colour appeal eye shadow beige platinum ( can't find online)


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