Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentines Weekend 2015

 Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great Valentines weekend whether you 'celebrate' it or not!
I really wanted to share with you what we got up to since had had a no Vlogging weekend! It just generally feels more relaxing taking photos for me and i love looking back at them!

Ok so we started off our Saturday with some yummy strawberry pancakes the video is below!
Haven't made them in months and the kids loved them and they are healthy so a win win!

Graham had to milk and get lots of other work done because we were heading out for the day/night so i got the kiddies to make him some cute Vday cards which they really enjoyed! I brought some cute heart stickers x2 for £1 from £1 store a few weeks ago! Kept them entertained for ages!

We set up some chocolate treats and balloons for when daddy got back!

Graham got me lots of chocolate which was definitely needed since Aunt flow was just around the corner :( and he brought me a very thoughtful gift which was a rose bush to plant in the garden! 
(picture on my instagram- violetmae30)

Unknown to Graham i had booked Urban Reef for lunch one of my absolute favourite places to go at Boscombe beach as well as a night in The Sand Banks Hotel with dinner and breakfast!
I know i kind of splurged but i thought you know what he treated me to Paris and i just feel like he works so hard for what we have, i feel very lucky to stay at home and i just wanted to show him a small bit of appreciation for how much he does for us as a family. 
Working on a family run farm 7 days a week is total dedication and he definitely deserves a relaxing evening when he can!

We had a lovely stroll around Bournemouth went into a few shops than headed to the hotel.
It was our first time to stay in the Sand Banks Hotel but I've had many people recommend it.
I have to say the room, staff and food were amazing couldn't fault one thing..
Ok apart from getting to our room! 
We stayed in room 323 at the top, there was a lift but not quite to the top! 
We had a beautiful room with balcony with some stunning views over poole quay.


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