Thursday, 28 May 2015

Alisters 6th Birthday!

So my boy turned 6 on the 21st May!
Where does the time go?! he's getting so grown up sometimes too grown up actually!!!
Alister is such a little joy to be around he's very chatty and very demanding his personality definitely mimics me to be honest! He can be quite impatient but so loving. 

We had a little family BBQ on the Sunday after his birthday this year nothing too big as generally it was a busy time for us and we've got a few things planned for the upcoming months i.e. a trip to legoland etc!

Alister has really been into Star wars recently so i thought id make him a 'Star Wars' themed cake with little cupcakes around! I mixed black & blue fondant icing together for the cake which gave it a cool 'space' effect!

Heres the selection of food i did, its quite similar to every party we do to be honest the basic fruit and veggies dips to keep things nice and healthy and we decided to do a BBQ outside now I've sorted the patio set out. We used our own meat, homemade burgers & sausages!

We had such a fantastic day now time to plan Violets!


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