Sunday, 14 June 2015

OMBAR High Vibe Chocolate Review

I recently received a yummy parcel from Ombar a raw chocolate company based in Cambridge.
Ombar make delicious chocolate bars and buttons from only the finest Ecuadorian organic raw cacao.
Raw cacao has so many nutrients, minerals & flavonals it is never roasted or exposed to high temperatures to keep all the good stuff in.

The Cacao is 100% organic, ethnically & sustainably sourced. The chocolate is sweetened with organic coconut sugar  made from the sap of coconut palm trees. The nectar is gently heated until it becomes a delicious unrefined mineral rich sugar.

Vibrant and nutritious freeze-dried fruits and live cultures (friendly bacteria designed to survive the chocolate making process) are then added, to create a chocolate bar that not only tastes good, but does good. The bars come in many different natural flavours from Acai & blueberry to strawberries & cream or if you fancy just the straight up chocolate it comes in coco Mylk & 72% dark. 
My favourite was the coconut so creamy and delicious!

The entire Ombar range is always dairy free so is suitable for vegans & vegetarians & those with a gluten free diet.

You can pick up Ombar from local health foods stores and online shops such as Whole foods, planet Organic & The raw Chocolate Shop.

We have really enjoyed trying the bars and the kids loved the buttons. The chocolate is so creamy, and literally melts in the mouth i also love the different choice of flavours you can't usually get in a chocolate bar! definitely worth giving ago if your looking for  dairy & guilt free chocolate!


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