Monday, 13 July 2015

10 Activities i'll be doing with the kids over the Summer Holidays!

The summer holidays are nearly here and I'm so excited.. although to be perfectly honest I'm more excited to just not be doing school run for 5.5weeks!

Ive been scouring Pinterest pinning some kids activities to do with the two terrors over the summer! They get terribly bored quickly and without having to spend a small fortune on taking them places i thought some at home fun things to do would keep us all happy!

So heres my list!

1- Scavenger Hunt- Theres a few types i like the simple Alphabet hunt or a Nature hunt the lists are endless really on what the kids can 'hunt' for. You can also make them harder for the older kids.

2- Science activities- We've done many science activities over the years the kids seem to love them. I really want to do Grow your own crystals with them. The kids are really interested in how things grow i thought this Growing experiment would be good because we could watch it over the holidays.

3- Rainy day indoor games are definitely needed! I think a homemade 'bored jar' would be useful.
Moon sand looks fun we've never made that before. sharpie mug would be a good personalised activity the can enjoy once made. Body tracing looks so much fun is always really interesting also to see how the children perceive and draw themselves!

4- Camping! We've recently got some tents and Alister keeps on and on about camping in the garden over the summer. I think they'd both enjoy star gazing for sure and having sleepovers also would be a new experience for them to.

5- Squirt gun painting definitely and outdoor game but could be seriously fun for all ages and a great homemade gift if you use a white canvas.

6- One on One time with the children is definitely something I'm looking forward to. Violet still has her routine Nursery days throughout summer as its already paid for so i will be making the most of having quality time with Alister which will be lovely & vice versa when Alister has time with his friends etc.

7- Water play the list is again endless with water! Water pistols, ice cubes & balloons.. I also love the look of doing a 'water wall'.

8- Baking/ cooking is on my list i want the kids to get involved more in the kitchen with me with choosing meals to cook and cakes to bake as its a huge enjoyment to my day and i'd like them to have the love for food like i do!

9- Cardboard projects The kids love getting crafty i really think they'd enjoy making fun things/ dens with cardboard. It would definitely kill a good hour if not more!

10- Lastly a couple of learning some outdoor fun Maths games, telling the timeAlphabet & some indoor board games!

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What do you have in mind to do with your children over the summer to keep the costs down?


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