Thursday, 20 August 2015

Marley Spoon BBQ Box Review..

Ive been doing some serious cooking with Marley Spoon this week. Using the freshest ingredients and produce sourced locally all delivered in one box! 

Marley Spoon help people that don't have the time to always think of a meal and opt for the most convenient, They do this by coming up with some amazing recipes online which they change weekly, source all the ingredients for you, you pick what you fancy for that week and they deliver straight to your door when you want it. Simple!

Marley Spoon work with some great chefs that create some delicious dishes, they come up with 7 new ideas each week! They vary with different meat choices, fish and they have a vegetarian option. 
Some of the meal plans vary in price from about £4.90 per portion and you can choose up to 8 people to choose a meal for.

I actually received the new BBQ Box menu i had the choice of a few different meals and i chose the BBQ burger & chilli wedges & the Moroccan Salmon with spiced tomato salad.
Im definitely someone that only cooks with fresh ingredients, i loved the fact that all the ingredients provided were sourced around the UK and all lovely and fresh.

First up we made the Moroccan Salmon which honestly was delicious with all the spices and flavours. The salmon fillets were a good size and we had plenty of potatoes, i really enjoyed the tomato & onion sautéed with cumin  definitely something I've never tried before.

My husband was definitely more excited about trying the BBQ burger since he's a big meat lover, sadly we actually didn't receive the beef patties which were supposed to be provided, we ended up with beef strips! Marley spoon assured me that has never happened before. We still managed to cook everything up and basically ended up with a beef steak burger which was really good! The smoky bacon was amazing and we really loved the paprika spiced wedges.

All in all really enjoyed the experience of Marley Spoon and cooking with such lovely ingredients. 
Also trying foods and combinations i wouldn't of usually cooked with was great! 
The quality is definitely very high with the produce and thought out meals.
Would definitely recommend giving them a try.

If you'd like to give Marley Spoon a try they have kindly given my readers £20 off their first order!
Just use the code 'Witt&Marley' at the checkout!


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