Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Week in Pictures 12th- 17th October

Well i kind of failed saying id do these every week... nothing new for me ha! its been a busy one this week like the norm really.. Im definitely looking forward to Half term coming up for sure...

Me & Violet met my friend Sophie at urban reef Boscombe it was such a gorgeous day the kids just played on the beach and here my little outfit of the day!

Alister practising his times tables he's getting really confident with those now.

Italian Tray bake for dinner so delicious and ridiculously easy you'll find the recipe in my > Recipe Playlist.

Violet feeding the piggies so fruit one evening.

Gorgeous sunset with little fudges shadow.

Ham, egg & Chips for dinner yum yum!

Kids doing some halloween/ Autumnal crafts.

Violet reading me her vintage sleeping beauty book we found in a local charity shop for 50p!

New glasses for me from Specavers slight 'cat eye' shape.

Oh and thats my Brunch at Urban Reef! Love me some pancakes, bacon & maple syrup!

Saturday morning baking with my lovely kitchen Aid.

Enjoyed a bubbly strawberry & lime cider.

Selfie in the car on route to help Graham at the market.

Graham life the log burner first tim win months oh my I've missed it for sure!!

We had a lovely family evening walk such beautiful skies.

Hows your week been? Who's looking forward to Halloween?!

Claire x


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