Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Week In Pictures 8th-15th November

Heres yet another week in pictures, seems like a busy one actually although the weather has been pretty bad!

8th November was Violets Birthday Party, her cake was from Costco & thats me standing in front of the bouncy castle before the children arrived in my gorgeous Joules Floral Dress.

Saturday the kids had their bags packed to head of to their Nanas for the evening.

I made favour cupcakes for the kids to take home for Sunday, Graham actually got really creative and iced some of them to!

Pancakes with bacon and maple are a regular occurrence for the weekend!

Me & Graham enjoyed tea & Truffles also!

Testing out Violets Magic Crystal Garden, it was a tad fiddly to put together.

Quick changing room outfit of the day! 

Monday was back to gym day.

The kids have become super independent and have been preparing their owns breakfasts lately, although much more mess to clear up for me but never mind!

We had Grahams granddads wake on Tuesday he was a budding farmer back in the day so the room was filled with tractors and animals. Was such a lovely family get together but of corse very sad time.

I completed my frame montage above our bed although I'm tempted to add more!!

Feeling all eskimo like with my hood up, its been gail force wands recently!

Me and Violet had a lovely down day on Thursday indoors games and puzzles.

We had a lovely stroll with the dogs also and checking on the pigs playing in the mud!

Its rare to get a picture of the kids snuggling together these days, so i snapped this one up such a lovely moment.

The sadness of hearing so many people had got killed in Paris i posted this picture of me with the Eiffel Tower back in January.

Pizza making time Violet is an absolute pro!

Crazy snacking/ lunch for me on Friday waiting for Graham to come back from work.

Me driving the tractor helloing Graham feed the cows i love working with my husband.

The magic crystal garden grew amazingly the kids were very impressed!

The 6 pictures are of our fun date at Longleat, ill be honest it was seriously wet but we had so much fun and do love rare family days out!

Hope you enjoyed my week in pictures don't forget to follow me on Instagram- Violetmae30.

Claire x


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