Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Review

Violet recently received this FisherPrice Rainbow Dazzle Minnie a few weeks back now to review.

Minnie is 10" tall and comes with a camera to make her look extra special which makes a pretty rainbow when she lights up. Minnie's features include a magical colour changing outfit which has 3 touch sensors so you can change the colour of each piece yourself! 

Minnie has a button on her hand which activates the lights and she also sings a classic song 'True colours' as well as a over 25 of her own phrases, Minnie also says the colours of the rainbow when you change the colours of her clothes.

Violet and me love this Minnie Mouse Toy she is so interactive and colourful. Violet loves changing the colours of her outfit with one touch as well as singing to her song with her! 

Minnie is a lovely size and super sturdy with no little bits to lose or fall off. The lights are lovely and bright and the added feature of the camera which makes the lights shine through like a rainbow is really good.

Would really recommend this toy its is for ages 2 years+ and RRP £24.99


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