Thursday, 5 November 2015

Week in my Pictures 26th October - 1st November

Half term week this week and we had quite a chilled week to be honest and exactly how i wanted apart from the rain! Ive eaten way too much rubbish this week can't wait to get back to the gym and back to routine already! Alister has been rather hard work with a lot of back chatting and winding his sister up although she's just as bad these days! Oh the joys! I have very much enjoyed the week off with them though.

First day of half term i had the day with Alister as Violet still had nursery and its nice just to have that one on one time with my boy.. He wanted to go to the cinema.. which we do quite often in 'our' time! So we ended up watching Minions yet again!!  We had a lovely walk through the park and had a bite to eat at HuckleBerrys. 

Halloween Biscuit baking on Tuesday as it was such a wet day!

It was getting all spooky in our house over the week, we didn't really go out just played a lot at home which was just so lovely. The kids carved there pumpkins and so did Graham can you tell which one was his?! 

I baked Violets Birthday cake on Wednesday she was rather impressed! 

The picture of Violet asleep was the last day she'd ever be 3 which makes me melt inside why do they grow up so quick?

Well Violets 4th Birthday arrived on Friday 30th she couldn't wait to open her presents and was up at 6am which is not like her!!!

We had planned a trip to Weymouth Sea life but the forecast looked so wet and awful we decided to have breakfast nice an early at Urban Reef in Boscombe an absolute favourite of ours. 

Annoyingly it wasn't that wet so we headed to the cinema to watch Pan! The film was brilliant so magical would definitely recommend!

Lazy weekend eating cake making a batch of wholemeal bread and Alister also found his inner farmer helping me round up the escapee Turkeys!

Cant forget Halloween!! We go to my brothers ever Halloween eve for food and trick or Treating with all the other children in our family. It was so much fun.

The picture of the kids carrying buckets was on Sunday, i had a rotten migraine and was bed bound all day so Graham took the kids out round the farm. They were such  good helpers feeding the Calves. 

Last picture was our spooky yet yummy green spinach pancakes!!!

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