Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Whats on the Bookshelf? | DECEMEBER 2015

I thought this would be a good post to write and share every few weeks as we love switching up our books and its always great to find new books to read with the children.

Obviously with Christmas around the corner and were now in December i switched up the kids books to the more 'themed' Christmasy style books. All of these books are actually ones we've had a few years and are some old favourites and classics! However i do have some newer ones for them which i will be sharing in a week or so in a similar post.

Its a definite must to have a couple of new books especially as there are so many out there its actually hard not to buy them all!

Starting from the top left A treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs this has lots of really lovely classics Christmasy songs and stories, a great book to read for an impatient toddler because they are short and sweet stories.

One Bear Lost - We actually picked this up from the 99p store i believe, such a sweet story about bears getting lost and one gets left alone but thankfully they all find each other in the end.

 Usborne Father Christmas- This is such a lovely very easy read book for babies and upwards, its a touch and feel book so lots of textures and brights colours sin side and a classic short story.

Littles Owls Orange Scarf is a nice story about a little owl and his mum knitted him an orange scarf which he hates and he tries to lose it! It has a really nice ending of what he does with it.

How the Grinch stole Christmas- Dr Seuss A classic story and much loved by my two I'm sure i won't need to explain this book!

Bottom shelf we have The Gruffalos child again such a classic story about the gruffalos child who goes off on an adventure in the night to such for the 'big bad mouse' after hearing stories, and meets the snake, fox and owl from the previous book The gruffalo. 

The Jolly Christmas Postman is a firm favourite the kids love the classic stories inside when the jolly Postman delivers letters to the bad wolf, Humpty Dumpty and so on. Each page also has an actual letter to pull out and read. My two take turns on who's opening the letter next.

 Alister loves this book of course it had to be about poo and farts! The dinosaur that pooped Christmas is a really funny rhyming story about a Dinosaur that eats all of Christmas and teaches the rather greedy boy a lesson about his behaviour.

The Christmas bear is a really lovely pop up / flap book, lots and lots to look at its about a bear who goes on an adventure with father Christmas delivering gifts around the world.

The Christmas Story is a really light hearted and short story about the birth of baby Jesus such a classic read every child should know. This particular book has pop up pages and lovely illustrations.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and its given you some book ideas.
Would love to hear some recommendations on any books your children love to read this time of year?

Claire x


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