Monday, 18 January 2016

My Week in Pictures 11th-18th January 2016

I have yet to do a 'week in pictures' this year so thought id start it off with a week where a lot has happened! So far this year has been amazing and i hope for it to continue! Ive just been on such a high with everything, even on those bad tiring hard days I've really tried hard to find the good in it.

Me & Graham have been spending some lovely quality time together which is always needed as it feels like he is constantly at work some weeks.. Were working on more family time again this is hard since the kids are at school and nursery during the week so we have to prioritise our weekends to make sure Graham gets his one on one with the children, I'm not going to lie it can be a struggle because of farming life but were getting there.

The start to my week was a good one! I got lovely baby cuddles with my nephew Jacob.. i can't believe he is nearly 7 months! He's such chunk its like weight lifting when i pick him up!

I made some Yummy Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate Chip Bread recipe Here. Its packed full of flavour and sweetness from only the bananas! 

I had a healthy lunch of Beef, salad & a plumy early grey tea. Ive recently loved trying different types of flavour teas.

We had some gorgeous new additions on Tuesday morning!
Miss Wiggy had 12 cute piglets, sadly 5 died .. but we have 7 plump little pigs running around now!

Violet is like the Pro Pizza maker in our house recipe Here. Its such a simple recipe anyone can make it and homemade always tastes much better!

We've had a cold dry spell down south and the children loved cracking the ice puddles before school.

Back on the T25 wagon and absolutely loving it! Cant believe I actually said that!

Pigges couple days old finding their feet.

Made home-made Lasagne on Thursday. packed it full of extra veggies yum!

Over the weekend i took the kids to Moores Valley with their bikes, it was absolutely freezing but they had so much fun and it was good to get some fresh air! The parking though is ridiculously expensive! Ill remember next time to walk in the the kids!

Me and Graham had a date night in on Saturday! We always love ordering an Indian. I usually have a Chicken Rogan Josh & Graham has a very mild Tikka Masala! 

A little outfit post featuring some lovely navy faux fur and prints! Here.

On Sunday we had a proper family day, we didn't go out but it was nice to play with the kids, get the playdoh out, colouring, watch films and have a proper PJ day! 

Alister almost learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers to! He's still getting there but with more practice i give it days and he'll be fully riding independently! 

First day the little piggies ventured out with mummy pig around the field at only 5 days old! It was amazing to watch!

Graham filling out the kiddies passports!! Yes were officially going on a hot holiday this year and I'm so excited! The kids have never been on a plane so its going to be an amazing experience for them!

Hope you've enjoyed this post and have a great week!

Claire x 


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