Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Review | Henry Hand Held Vacuum Set

Hi Everyone today I'm here to share with you a review of the Henry Hand Held Vacuum Set by Casdon. Violet is obsessed with helping me clean and tidy up she definitely takes after me with wanting to keep things nice and clean and this set has really helped with getting us to work together on the house work even if she is only 4!

The Henry Vacuum is an amazing little set for children aged 3 Years and above. it comes with a dust pan and brush which is prefect for those little Helper hands and also the Vacuum itself.

The main feature of the Hand Held Vacuum is the real suction, Violet was blown away and excited that it actually sucked crumbs and dust from the floors! The vacuum is a great size and not heavy at all, Alister and Violet have been taking turns cleaning the whole house with the little hoover.

The vacuum requires 3 AA batteries for the suction to come to life. This little set is great for children who love role play and realistic looking toys. Its a very robust vacuum and not overly noisy which is always a bonus. 

I love the colour Red and grey as it truly does represent the actual Henry Hovers, however this set is also available in Pink and grey to. The face on the Dustpan definitely gives the set the extra cuteness i think.

To empty the contents of the vacuum all you do is twist and pull the cap off once full, it is small so does get filled quickly.


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