Friday, 11 March 2016

Cicciobello Sunny Doll Review

Violet recently received a lovely doll called Cicciobello Sunny Doll. The doll is supposed to help with protecting your child from sunburn and realising the first signs when in the sun. Cicciobella reacts to UV sunlight and you can visibly see the 'sun burn' marks if Cicciobella is left in the sun for too long. He shows visible marks around his eyes and tummy.

Violet has really enjoyed playing with Cicciobella and the accessories that come with him. He wears some very cute summer shorts and T-shirt as well as a pair of sunglasses which are all removable.
Cicciobella comes with a UV sensitive wrist band and necklace for your child to wear which also helps let you know when your child has had enough sun.

The doll is a great way of explaining sun safety to your child and why we need to stay out of the sun around certain times of the day as well as putting on suncream and why too much sun can be damaging on our skin.

I really think this doll is brilliant and i have never seen anything like it before. Violet is constantly carrying around her dolls and likes to take them out with us so i think this would be great in the summer. Cicciobella can also be used in water and easily dried so would be great fun in a pool or both. He retails at around £20.99 and can be found online and in Argos.


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