Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Week In Pictures 14th- 19th March

I haven't posted a 'week in pictures' in forever so thought id share some with you from last week.. We seem to be venturing out more and ditching the soft plays since he weather has been warmer and dryer. 

Monday i made pancakes since i was super poorly on the sunday and felt like i really needed some energy, i also had been up since 3 am after sleeping like crazy with a horrid migraine.

I also had a lovely Re-shuffle of the kitchen cupboard. The kids had so many tiny plastic plates that they didn't use. It was good to declutter the space!

We had a family day on Saturday, went to the cinema to watch Kung Fo Panda 3 which was brilliant and headed to Nandos for lunch for the first time in years!

Oh more pancake pictures.. were obsessed and its kind of tradition for a weekend!

Last two pictures of Violet enjoying the spring weather, we took the dogs for a walk.

Alister has been really getting into reading more to me, and I'm honestly loving his enthusiasm. Its taken a long time for him to get here and i just hope it continues.

Me and Violet went to Victoria Country Park with friends for the day on Tuesday, it was a gorgeous day, she had fun in the park and had a walk down to the stony beach.

Still enjoying the spring weather watching Miss Wiggy enjoy her fruit with her babies, i also was excited to get my washing on the line for the first time this year!

Smoothie and crumpet lunch for me on Wednesday! I had a sit down after blitzing the house!

I took my mum to Salisbury for lunch and a walk round the cathedral, it was her birthday so it was nice to spend some time with her.

I curled my hair, something i usually can't be bothered to do! Im still debating whether to grow my hair out or have the chop!

Loving my Dorset Cereals Blueberry Muesli for breakfast lately.

Alister the pro chicken catcher, can't help himself when we were going for a walk through the field to check on some lambs!

We brought home a little orphan lamb that was abandoned. Alister named her Rosie and she's absolutely gorgeous!

I had Covent Garden- Skinny Minestrone soup for lunch which was delicious and full of flavour i would definitely recommend it.

We baked Maple Syrup cupcakes on Friday, i had the kiddies off school since they both had sticky eyes.

We did a lot of indoor games like building blocks and reading as well watching many movies!

The kids morning routine at the moment is feeding Rosie and they love it! 

I made Spring Chicken for dinner one evening, its definitely a family favourite and is a Nigella Lawson recipe.


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