Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Whats on the Book Shelf? | MARCH 2016 | EASTER ADDITION!

For our 'Whats on the Book Shelf' this month I've included some Easter favourites since Easter is only round the corner. This year is seriously flying by!

The Odd Egg- very cute book about a duck not laying an egg but finds an interesting one that hatches!

Mog and Bunny- Simple but sweet story of Mog who has a soft toy bunny and Mog loses him and is sad but all ends well.

Rabbits don't lay eggs!- Lovely read about a rabbit trying to find his place on the farm and becomes very useful to all the animals. 

Ten Chirpy Chicks- Cute counting book for all ages.

Green Eggs and Ham- One of Alisters Favourites, Fun Dr Suess book about Sam i am not wanting to eat green eggs and ham. 

Rhyming Rabbit- Loved by Violet about a rabbit who likes to rhyme and noone else does so he goes in search for someone who does and makes a new friends who loves to rhyme also.

Lastly the 3 book set we have been loving all feature Blue Kangaroo and Lily, light hearted reads with some really lovely illustrations. I have a giveaway going at the mount to win this set feel free to enter theres on a couple of days left! 


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