Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Puppy in my Pocket Review

Hey everyone one i wanted to share a really lovely set the children have been playing with, something quite close to my heart when i was a kid actually and its great to see my two enjoy it to!

Puppy in my Pocket have been out since the 90's they've revamped and brought out some very cool new accessories and equipment for the puppies.

Puppy in my pocket have brought out 100 new and very cute pups and park set for your little puppies to play in. Violet and Alister have really been enjoying playing this awesome new set, the puppy park comes with a little play house for the pups to play in, a slide/ swing and an agility course for added fun.

This set really brings out the children's imagination with creating fun names for each puppy and making them come alive using the puppy play set.

I was actually surprised Alister was so up for playing with the set and they both have played together so well with it.

The puppy in my pocket play set retails at £19.99, its already built and seems very sturdy and comes with the added accessories. The bright colours are very inviting and the kids have played with it a lot so far.

Not only have they brought out new puppies they have also came up with the cute idea of the clip on pouch for your puppy to go in. Violet has had her puppies attached to her top the last few days which has been rather sweet. These retail at £9.99 and comes with the pouch and 5 puppies.

If your child is looking to start collecting the 100 new pups available they can also be brought in 'blind bags' from most toy stores for £2.49.

Look out for the Kitten in my Pocket which will be available later on in the year for all those kitten lovers!


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