Saturday, 11 June 2016

Half Term Week in Pictures 30th May- 5th June

I thought id do our half term week in pictures since we've had a busy week, I've been totally exhausted to be honest! The kids though have been so good with their behaviour, a little bit of normal bickering which is nothing unusual , but general day to day when we've been out they have been so helpful and just really grateful.

The weather has also been so good this week which has been a huge bonus with getting outdoors and keeping busy the whole day.

Kids lunches for the Monday, i rarely get to do these anymore since they both eat at school and nursery often. Its nice to get creative with food for them, they also loved the Falafels!

Reminsing about the beach day we had at Heingsbury Head.. i love this shot with the beach houses behind Violet, it was a glorious day!

We had a new addition added to the family, a little bull calf, Alister named him Dave, sadly though he was too sick and didn't survive.. we will definitely always remember him though such a little fighter.

I made some yummy Marshmallow rice krispie bites for my sisters 13th Birthday! They are so simple and delicious!

On Monday the weather was a little overcast in the morning so we decided to take the bikes to the park. I had a proper mummy cry when Alister hopped on his bike and rode in the wind like a pro!

Theres a little video on my Instagram if you want to check it out! - Violetmae30.

We ventured out to the Weymouth Sealife Centre on Wednesday, weather was iffy but non the less we had a fab time, it was rather busy though! but worth a full day out the kids loved it!

I had a good old spring clean, i love nothing more than clean sheets, id have them daily if i could be bothered to wash them everyday!! 

I can't believe were actually in June, where did time go? Half way through the year already! I love this shot of the girls on their bikes in the sunshine.

We had a trip to Furzey Gardens on Thursday, what a beautiful place to visit, i would definitely recommend. There are 33 fairy doors to find around the beautiful gardens. The kids loved it as did i! The weather was hot which made it a bonus for sure.

Lastly Violet received this beautiful handmade Fairy Frame from Peaandroos definitely go check out her page, she makes some beautiful customised fairy items!

On Saturday we had a family home day and did a spot of gardening. We all went to homebase to pick out some pretty flowers. I was drawn to the lilacs and whites this time!

Porridge oh porridge i can't get enough of the Flahavans porridge its so delicious especially with medjool dates!

I took this lovely floral picture of Violet when we were at Furzey Gardens and had to share it!

My boy doing what he does best, climbing and looking for different bugs and things to talk about!

I found a new home for the Fairy Frame on Violets shelf above her bed, the colours go beautifully with her bedroom.

I had eggs on Sunday for breakfast, i tend to go for a sweet breakfast most days, no i del why but i do love some scrambled eggs with spinach, and of course i had to have my frothy coffee from my new Nespresso.. Slightly addicted!!

Well i really hope you enjoyed this post i really hope you had a great half term week like we did! 
I was full on and to be honest i was a zombie by the end of the week but it was well worth it!

Claire x


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