Thursday, 30 June 2016

Starting School and Returning to Work

Hey everyone.. With Violet starting school in just a couple of months now i wanted to have a little heart to heart on how I'm feeling about the whole situation. Im sure we all as mothers/ parents get to this stage in the children's life where they are ready to grow and head to be independent little people but we just want to hold on to them forever.

I had the same anxiousness before Alister went to school 3 years ago.. i think the difference now for me, the big change that is gong to happen that I'm dreading is that I'm no longer going to be the 'stay at home mum' anymore ... my babies are growing and its time for me to head out in to the world and find myself.

Sometimes i think positively about it, like the children are so much fun and we share some great moments together now they are just that little bit older, Losing my little sidekick daily is gong to be hard, I'm dreading the day i am home alone for basically 5 days a week once I've done the school run in the morning at least until i find myself again.

I am however really looking forward to the summer holidays and spending 8 long weeks with Violet and Alister.. lets hope the weather improves since its like winter right now and I'm wrapped in my blanket on the sofa!

Ive recently updated and created a brand new CV which wasn't that difficult as there are many templates online you can use the only thing I've struggled with is the 'GAP' in the workplace and finding suitable references. I am happy with it though I'm just hoping people will look beyond the CV itself and employe me for me.

Anyway onwards and upwards and thinking to the summer Holidays and enjoying everyday with my little girl and boy of course before they grow and fly the nest in September.

If theres one thing to get excited about is that I'm looking forward to seeing how Violet copes and grows in the schooling environment, she's so ready to learn and it will be amazing to see her confidence build over time.

I would love to hear your thoughts and stories if you also feeling similar to me and not wanting to let go.. i know a lot of people have to do this step earlier if returning to work etc.. its definitely felt good to get it out.

Claire x

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