Sunday, 10 July 2016

Corfe Castle | Our Family Day 10th July 2016

Hey everyone we've recently jointed the National Trust, as a family we love going on adventures and exploring the outdoors. It made sense to finally get a National Trust pass to give us more options and it was a lot cheaper than i expected!

Sunday 10th we ventured to Corfe Castle a place which has been on my 'bucket list' for ages.
We were so lucky with the weather, although it poured down in the morning.. as we travelled to Corfe the sun was beaming.

I wanted to share a huge load of photos me and Graham took while at the castle and surrounding areas. Corfe Castle is such a beautiful place and little village! 
The kids really enjoyed themselves exploring the castle, Alister was really into asking questions and finding out lots of interesting information.

Corfe Castle is situated around a cute little village, lots of surrounding Pubs and Tea rooms, a steam train which sadly we didn't have time for, however we will be back!
They have a lovely little sweet shop and museums as well as some gorgeous quant cottages to look at!

Now for the pic heavy bit.. 

They had an activity for the kids to chill out while waling around the castle!


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