Thursday, 8 September 2016

Betty Spaghetty | Review

Violet recently received a fantastic new toy by Betty Spaghetty.
I say new these dolls have been around for years i remember having them as a child. I couldn't wait for Violet to get her hands on one and have a good play! The newer Betty Spaghetty's are still brightly coloured and have the statement long spaghetti like hair. They come with hair accessories which is something Violet really enjoys. Threading  the beads on pop star Betty's was great for coordination and fine motor skills. 

Pop star Betty comes complete with a change of outfit. The new Pop 'n' Swap clothing is bright and colourful, you can also detach her arms and legs and change the shoes to! There are 55 pop 'n' Swap pieces to collect as well as many other dolls to choose from such as Sports Betty or even School Dance Betty!

Violet has had lots of fun playing with Betty swapping her outfits and styling her hair, will definitely be looking for some more to collect for around her birthday time.


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