Saturday, 22 July 2017

Life Lately... July 2017

Life lately has been insane! Highs and lows I've been so so busy which to be perfectly honest is how i like it! When life slows down i get antsy and need more.. if that even makes sense! Working has been A ok.. I'm not going to lie its not challenging enough for me.. but i keep telling myself i NEED to stick this out to get where i want to be.. and funnily enough things have been cropping up! I've been added a new role on to my contract, with also training for extra things through the autumn which i am itching with excitement about!

Life lately has been amazing with the children, yes they bicker and i shout from time to time but you know what they are amazing kids and i adore every inch of them. They fill me with love and joy everyday even if it is only for 5 minutes ha! I can't even begin to believe how i have an 8 and nearly 6 year old?! Where has time gone! We have literally just hit into the summer holidays and wow after not even day1 I'm feeling it!!!! The arguing has started.. but hey thats life we move on, forgive and forget within the 10mins! 

Life Lately has been planning! We've got some fun trips, holidays and adventures to start over the next 6 weeks which I'm so excited about! I love nothing more that exploring with my family especially around the UK! Im eager to share with you our days trips and plans for sure over on my Youtube channel so don't forget to follow and come along for the ride.

Life Lately has been DIY.. Ive completed my 'door project' finally my front door is how i want it.. but still continues with the doors inside.. we have 4 new ones though which is a start! I have got my next project lined up already i might just have to wait till the kids are back at school though.. so were just see :)

Life Lately has been me trying new things.. Ive had this urge all of a sudden to go out of my comfort zone and try something new.. I've been riding for a good few months now and absolutely love it! I've tried surfing and paddle boarding which are so much fun! Ive mentioned to other mums at the school gates what I've been up to and they just look at me strangely! I think mainly because i do these things on my own.. where would we get in life though if were always stuck to someone? What happened to independent women?! Yes I've definitely needed the encouragement and pep talk from myself getting out of the car to the place i have booked but I've done it which is huge for me! I still have so many things on my list that i want to achieve over the next year and i can't wait to share them!

Life Lately has been YOUTUBE.. As your all aware I'm sure I've been on Youtube for far too many years to be honest but right now i just can't get enough... I'm not even bothered about views/ likes/ dislikes.. more about making memories and online friends.. as there is definitely more to life than getting 1000,00000 subscribers.. I have throughly enjoyed daily Vlogging would you believe! I must admit somedays Vlogging doesn't happen as like i said previously life is manic! Im hoping your enjoying them though and i will continue for as long as i can!

Anyway moving on.. i hope your all well enjoying the summer holidays even if they weather feels like autumn right now.. so typical! Have a great 6 weeks off and don't forget to tag me in things so i can watch to!


Puppy Surprise Review

Violet received a very vote and fluffy gift to review a few weeks ago! Puppy surprise is a very girly  adorable soft mummy dog that has puppies! Violet being obsessed with babies in general was over the moon that the dog gave 'birth' to babies.. Its a surprise at how many your doggy will have also!
This particular dog had 3 pups, they all squeak and are very soft pink and cute! The mummy dog has crushable brightly coloured hair and a sparkly collar.

There are lots of varieties of the mummy dog to collect with a new range just released! They can be found in most toys stores and retail at £27.99 for ages 3-6 years.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Towel Shop Review & Giveaway!

A few weeks ago i received a lovely soft and fluffy bundle of Bamboo Towels from the Towel Shop and online company that sells affordable but lovely quality Bamboo towels, robes and even duvet sets!

We've been all using them for the last couple of weeks, they have been a dream to use, very soft and luxurious even the husband complimented on how soft them felt on his skin!
Ive washed and tumbled dried as well as hung them out to dry and so far so good.. still lovely to use on the kids delicate skin. They dry very quickly also which is always a bonus with towels!

Im really pleased with the quality of these towels the mixture of natural and bamboo fibres definitely dry you a lot quicker than my average towels. Quality over quantity is definitely a must and sometime paying that bit more means they will last, having said that the Towel Shop is very reasonable and they do some great different bundles as well as colours in the towels. I chose the White as i do love a thick white fluffy towel but i also chose the 'Kingfisher' colour as i knew it would go perfect in our family bathroom.

 Really impressed with the towels definitely go check out the bundles they are so affordable or if you fancy winning a bundle of your choice enter the Rafflecopter below to Enter!

                                                                a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, 1 May 2017

Our Devon Family Holiday | April 2017

Hey Everyone sorry I've been missing from my Blog the last couple of weeks.. the Easter Holidays just took over, which wasn't a bad thing as its nice to switch off and relax and have some family time!

We went away to Axminster for the 2nd week of the holidays which was amazing ,we had the best weather and we had some much needed quality family time.

Although i don't have that many photos to share i did take some video footage of our week for you to check out with all the links of the beautiful places we visited around devon.

Don't forget to check out our video linked below of our week, all links are listed of where we went!


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Whats in the Kids Easter Baskets 2017!

Oh its that time again showing you what I've put in the kids Easter baskets! I can not believe we are in April already, although it does feel like a long time coming as the children really do get exhausted from school, the year to me however ifs lying bye! i love spring not only is it a beautiful month with lighter evening and all the flowers are getting ready to bloom, its also our wedding anniversary this month! 7 years married crazy!

Anyway here is what I've put in the kids Easter Baskets i love picking them up some treats and cute Easter themed bits as well as crafts to keep them entertained as 2 weeks is quite a long time!
Were actually going away the 2nd week of the half term so i am going to keep these back to take with us!

So for Violet she has some Kinder chocolate treats, a couple of larger eggs, one has a toy in it and the other is the golden popping candy egg both from poundland.

Ive thrown in some cute chick bobbing headband and a fluffy bunny soft toy. Violet has some stickers, some princess hair clips a rabbit egg cup and a treat breakfast of Lucky charms for while were away.

The make your own key chain set is a shared craft for the both to do. This is from Hobby craft i found it in the clearance section for £3.

These crafts and activities are for sharing there are a couple from Poundland and two make your own hand puppets from Hobby craft which is had stashed away from last year, me two both enjoy sewing as do i.

Alisters baskets it kind of looks like less however i do have a little Easter Lego set coming which i brought for about £6.99 on Ebay. He's again got the same chocolate treats, an egg cup, some novelty glasses, stickers and the Moana dvd which we haven't seen so were watch that as a family on holiday!

I hope this has given you some inspiration check out previous years linked below!


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Recent Meal Ideas | March 2017

I love nothing more than cooking up so delicious meals for the family!
I wanted to share some of my most favourite that we all eat and some breakfast ideas also!

Above is a popular breakfast I've been having, 2 Tbs of natural yogurt I've been having the Collective Dairy one it has a yummy tang to it and its very low sugar. Rude Health Pupped Oats a small handful, these taste just like Sugar Puffs without the sugar! and any sort of berries thrown on top with a drizzle of honey! I usually mix it all together and devour.

Heres a classic Lasagne with a side go steamed broccoli. I love lasagne and have super simple recipe Homemade Lasagne. Its definitely not something i do all the time as its one to prep but all the family enjoy it!

Heres a leftover lunch. We had Beef Enchiladas with kidney beans. I served it with some greens, avocado and sour cream.

Homemade Fish Pie is a staple in this house such a cheap and simple dinner, i make this at least 2-3 times a month!                                  

Grahams Meatballs! My hubby does make the yummiest meatballs ever.. I've served it here with sautéed courgette and mushrooms, however the kids usually have it with wholewheat spaghetti. 

Cant beat a slow cooker chicken casserole! throw in whatever veg you have in your fridge, add in some chicken thighs, tomatoes, onion and your good to go!

Mine and the kids favourite breakfast is Porridge.. i always serve it with my fav toppings of chopped dates, a drizzle of peanut butter and sprinkle of cinnamon.

Spaghetti and king prawns in a home-made tomato / garlic sauce with courgette is a simple and quick dinner with i like to whip up in a hurry!

Check out my recents eats video below for more ideas!

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