Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bosch Steam Generator Review

Hi Everyone I've been using the Bosch Steam Generator for the last couple of weeks which is honestly has been pretty life changing in the ironing world for me so wanted to share exactly why i love it!

The series 6 iron itself has some brilliant features that most irons truly don't have, the advance steam system allows you to target steam penetration and give your clothes a deeper clean. I don't think I've ever used an iron which such amazing steam power! The Hygiene steam setting means that it can also kill 99.9% bacteria, so perfect if you've got so winter bugs floating about or your just a clean freak like me!

The iron itself has powerful six bar pressure  which ensures high performance for even the toughest of creases. I have really noticed the shirts i iron are the best they have ever looked, my old iron really didn't do the job properly before.

It has a 2400 W of power the the iron and the steam station can heat up in just minutes so perfect for those early morning school runs when you've forgotten to iron the night before!!

Theres a dial with the usual features for cotton/ linens and delicate clothing as well as a TempOK feature which uses a light that shows when your iron has reached its desired temperature.
The 'Calc' n' Clean' button is used for cleaning of grit and limescale, so no more finding bits and bobs staining your clothes which ironing, with just a touch of a button the generator goes through the scaling process.

The system holds i.5 litres of water which is a huge amount so no more topping up half way through!

all in all i absolutely love the Bosch steam Generator its easy to use and the results are amazing! Having this iron honestly has saved me so much time! Its Great value for money and even my husband is happy to use it which is always a bonus!

You can find it on the Euronics website  here.


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