Sunday, 28 April 2019

I'm Pregnant! Baby #3 on the way Sept 2019

Hey I'm wanting to come on and start documenting a bit of my pregnancy.. o k I'm already half way through which i still can't quite get my head round and how quick time just flies, although being poorly through the first trimester bloody dragged! we just about to have our 2nd scan in a few days and were so excited to see this little baby wiggle on the scan, its super active!

So just a little back ground story on me.. especially if your new here, I'm Claire 31 with 2 children, Alister who is nearly 10!!! and Violet will be 8 in October. We decided to go back to nappies and sleepless nights and try for our 3rd back last summer. I found out New years day with a super faint line we were expecting! and honestly we couldn't be more happier, this baby is already so loved and it / he / she isn't even here yet!

Also as i mentioned above were about to have our Anomaly scan (20weeks) although i'll be 21 weeks, and were not finding out the gender! I have that same question daily, we didn't find out with Violet and again just want another surprise little baby. Also having one of each already were not to phased at what we have.. as long as its a baby ha!

I wanted to add on some pictures that i have ben taking over the last few weeks, i did this with my other 2 children, however I've not quite remembered every week which is typical!

So heres a little bump progression..

Me now at 20 weeks!

Our first Scan at nearly 13 weeks

Im going to know try and post more frequently on here and of corse still on my youtube channel.
But i thought it would be good to document how I'm feeling, current buys and just brainstorming the next 20 weeks of what we need to get etc.

Have a great week!

Claire x



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