Sunday, 29 December 2013

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Ours was amazing and the first year being in the bungalow so it felt extra special being only the four of us!

Thought id share a few photos from our day.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Salt Dough Ornaments

We made these about 2 years ago when violet was only 7 weeks old!
I felt like i had to do an update of the children's hand prints for memory purposes as well as gifts for family this year!

They are so so simple you will need:

2 cups of plain cheap flour
1 cup table salt
1 cup water

Add two cups of flour to your bowl

Add 1 cup of salt

And a cup of cold water

Mix until combined.. If it feels abit sticky add a little more flour

Knead your dough for a few mins

Roll out on to a floured surface, you want it to be about a £1 thickness

Measure your childs hand and find appropriate cutters.

Once cut lay them onto a baking sheet

Get your child to firmly press their hand into the dough

Use a straw to make a hole in the dough for the ribbon

Bake in the preheated 130c oven for 30-40mins until hard.
I decorate mine with poster paints & glitter

Match them up with Ribbons and don't forget to write your childs name & age on the back.

Link to how to video:


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Homemade Hazelnut Truffles

Simple Homemade Truffles.. not only are they so easy they look and taste amazing!

you will need: 
175ml Double cream
150g your choice of chocolate i used 70% dark
50g roasted chopped hazelnuts ( optional)
and your choice of sprinkles

Measure out 175ml of double cream

Add to a saucepan on a low heat

Finely chop your chocolate & add to cream

Remove from heat once it looks like this

Add your chopped Hazelnuts

Pop in fridge for 30 mins until soft to touch but not hard.

Get your sprinkles ready as well as a teaspoon

use are teaspoon amount

And roll into balls

Then coat in sprinkles simple!

Once chilled they will look like this! 

I put mine in cellophane bags with ribbon for gifts.. store in fridge or cool place so they don't melt.. best served at room temp!

Heres the video how to :

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Teachers Crayon Gift How to

So i was scrolling through my instagram and came across mollymomofthreeboys had made some super cute teachers gift with crayons.. its also on pinterest.
I couldn't help but give it ago.. not only is it so easy and cute its really affordable and looks like you've put a lot of thought into it..

This is what you will need:
Candle, vase, jar, plant pot or anything of that shape of your choice.. i picked up two candles with lids from wilkinson for £4 each.
Crayola crayons
glue gun
Ribbon / Bow to go round it

Heat up your glue gun and glue a strip down the crayon

Place on the jar as straight as possible

Repeat until fully covered

Should end up with something like this!

I tied a ribbon and placed a christmasy bow on just to finish it off!


Monday, 9 December 2013

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuits

Finally got the chance to bake these amazingly tasty & simple biscuits this weekend so as promised i had to share!

175g Butter
85g caster sugar or icing sugar
225g plain white flour
100g chocolate chips or sub for dried fruit/nuts
1tsp vanilla essence

Combine the butter, sugar & vanilla until soft

Add in the flour & chocolate chips

tip on to a work surface

use the warmth of your hands to combine in to a dough ball

i used my hands to form a long log shape very similar to a rolling pin size, you can choose whatever size / shape you like.

Slice as thick or thin as you want your biscuits and lay them onto a greased tray.

Pop in a preheated 180c oven for 10-15mins tops.. once looking golden around the edges pull them out.

And enjoy.. these are freezable for up to 3 months and keep for a good 4-5 days.

Heres the video how to :
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