Saturday, 28 September 2013

My week in pictures...

Playing at the park Monday 
Went food shopping on my own Tuesday bliss!! 
Met Sophie & Lilly Wednesday brought cute cakes & had a yummy Starbucks 

Went to waterstones with a friend & brunch after :)
It was all about the roast on Friday yum!
Made mini chocolate & walnut swirls this morning (sat) recipe to come.. Aswell as violet having the side off her cot (Graham's idea )
Pretty much sums up Sunday a lovely family eve at our favourite carvery 


Super Simple Mini Chocolate & Walnut Swirls

So i woke up this morning thinking over and over .. 'what am i going to do with that half a roll of puff pastry in my fridge!' i used the other half for a pie a couple of days ago and really didn't want it to go to waste!
So i decided straight away i wanted it to be a sweet treat! I was thinking Cinnamon swirls but Graham doesn't like cinnamon so Chocolate & walnut swirls it is!

So the first thing i did was roll out my puff pastry ( i only had half, but if you have a full block cut it in half and roll out both pieces)
Then you want to spread on your chocolate spread i used whole earth lightly whipped hazelnut (healthier version of Nutella) but Nutella is fine.. i used about 2-3 tsp
Once you've spread your chocolate add your chopped nuts i used walnuts any nuts will do fine :)
All you need to do now is roll it.. the longest length to get maximum swirls, try not to squash when rolling.
Once you have your roll cut off the ends and make 2-3 inch think swirls using a sharp knife.
  Then put each roll into a cake tray coat with egg wash
 Sprinkle with sugar i used coconut but soft brown is perfect..
Bake on preheated 150c for 20 mins
 They will be golden and nice and 'puffed' once done!! 


Friday, 27 September 2013

My little helpers today

Me & the kiddies headed outside today as it was such a lovely warm day.. 
We all had a plastic bag each to pick up the litter around the bungalow. 
They really enjoyed it and actually faut over who's picking up what!! 
Not only did they have fun but it killed an hour,  It also tidied up around the house!! 


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Simple healthy plum crumble recipe

So i had a whole load of plums to use up before they went off.. so i decided to make a simple yet healthy plum crumble..
or you need is:
plums i used 6-8 quartered
coconut sugar (light soft brown would be perfect to) a good sprinkle
ground Almonds a good sprinkle over the sugar
flaked almonds again sprinkle over the almonds
Bake for 15-20mins preheated 180c oven, serve with whipped cream or custard yum!



Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A pampering kind of week!

So it's been a bit of a pampering session over the last week.
Started with getting my nails done which I like but can't see it being a long term thing.
Then I decided to dye my hair as it hasn't been touched for the last 6 months if not  more!
I used the Nice and easy perfect 10 in medium golden brown pretty much the shade I always go for. 
Here's my hair before 
And then today I went and had a few layers put in aswell as a couple of inches off, was feeling brave!
I throughly enjoyed being pampered.
Here's me end of the day tired face!!


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Birthday ideas for a 2year old girl..

Violets Birthday is approaching well sort of on 30th October! As always i like to be ahead of the game!
Having such a hard time deciding what to get her. I have all these ideas of different things but not sure what she will like or need most! 
A Micro scooter was at the top of my list as its something she can really grow with.

Im also really liking the idea of a wooden kitchen.. Alister actually got this exact kitchen for his 2nd birthday in the red/green, but completely trashed it! BOYS!
They now do a few more versions which are gorgeous & so reasonably priced!

Im loving the Happyland range in ELC currently a few bits on offer which is good!,default,sc.html

Im also loving this cute cash register from the ELC a bargain at £22 it also comes in unisex colours.

Oh decisions! Im sure ill get there and decide sooner or later, maybe even choose one of the bigger items for Christmas instead!


First Yummy 'healthy' Hot chocolate of Autumn!

Ive been really craving a hot chocolate recently since the change of weather..
I though id make it a little more of a 'healthier' version though...

I filled my mug with half Chocolate Almond breeze and half KOKO coconut milk heated it in the microwave usually, 1m 40sec does the job..
Followed by a TBS of Whittard 70% cocoa powder mix and your pretty much done unless your like me and i always need a little squirt of Squirty cream on top followed by a couple of semisweet choc chips!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pictures that somes up the week!

Violet being silly nothing new!                                           at fluffy chicks on tuesday :)

Got my nails done on Wednesday, american pink & white manicure..still getting used to these talons!
                                           Alister & violet holding hands after school :)

Violets fav new app- my zoo animals & its free!!

                                              Graham caught more trout so we cooked it!          

                                      Violet smitten with postman pat & feeding jess the cat!     

                                                                                                                                                                                             Made healthy chocolate waffles ( recipes below)

                                      Quality time with Alister on wednesday!

                         Super clingy tired violet needed a peppa fix while i cooked dinner!
    Swedish meatballs recipe:
 Pj day on tuesday eating soup burr Autumn is here!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Healthy chocolate waffle recipe!!!

I asked Alister this morning when he woke up what he fancied for breakfast & he said "chocolate!"
so i thought id get out my Gordon Ramsay Waffle maker, i haven't used it at all since living in the bungalow. 
Heres a scrummy recipe for Healthy chocolate waffles!!!
for the dry ingredients :
1 cup wholemeal flour
1 cup cocoa & berry flaxseed
1 tsp baking powder 
for the wet bowl i used:
1 cup chocolate Almond breeze (any chocolate flavoured milk will do)
2 tsp vanilla
and separated my 2 egg whites into a different bowl 
i combined the wet and dry mixtures & whisked my egg whites until white and fluffy not too stiff!
then folded in the egg white to the mixture!

And some left over for freezing!
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