Saturday, 21 September 2013

Birthday ideas for a 2year old girl..

Violets Birthday is approaching well sort of on 30th October! As always i like to be ahead of the game!
Having such a hard time deciding what to get her. I have all these ideas of different things but not sure what she will like or need most! 
A Micro scooter was at the top of my list as its something she can really grow with.

Im also really liking the idea of a wooden kitchen.. Alister actually got this exact kitchen for his 2nd birthday in the red/green, but completely trashed it! BOYS!
They now do a few more versions which are gorgeous & so reasonably priced!

Im loving the Happyland range in ELC currently a few bits on offer which is good!,default,sc.html

Im also loving this cute cash register from the ELC a bargain at £22 it also comes in unisex colours.

Oh decisions! Im sure ill get there and decide sooner or later, maybe even choose one of the bigger items for Christmas instead!


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