Thursday, 7 November 2013

Simple how to : Chocolate Lollies!

This was my first ever attempt at making chocolate lollies and there definitely not perfect but i really enjoyed making them and loved the end result!

What you will need: piping bag & nozzles, candy melts lolly pop sticks and lolly moulds (candy melts & moulds are from hobby craft)

First thing you want to do is fill your piping bag with your first colour of candy melts and melt in the microwave for 20/30sec.. ( be careful not to melt the bag!)

Once melted snip the bottom off..

Start pipping the middler of your flower or whatever your pipping first! then leave to cool ( this take mins!)

 Once all cool repeat the first step with a different pipping bag and pipe the top layer.

then add in your lolly stick, i like to twist it round in the chocolate then hold it securely while you pipe over the top.

Pop in the fridge.. candy melts harden really quickly unlike ordinary chocolate, takes about 15mins to harden!

And there done!

Like is said this was first attempt & they are not perfect but still look great! the kids loved them!

How i made the green grass rice!
Measure out as much rice as you need in each glass.. i used super cheap rice that i wouldn't usually eat. 

You need some food dye ( i use the wilton food gels, these are super pigmented and more 'natural' based so dont stain hands etc) 
you will also need a ziplock bag..

add your rice 1tiny amount of food colouring and 1-2tsp of water to your bag, seal and give it a good shake..

Spread out onto a tray and pop in a preheated oven at 180 for 10mins until dry.



  1. Impressive, I do like them for the first attempt, Claire I would take my hat off for you. well done. and thank you for the recipes.

    1. ah thanks so much! im thinking of doing some more.. maybe find some christmasy moulds :) they are so simple!


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