Monday, 9 December 2013

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuits

Finally got the chance to bake these amazingly tasty & simple biscuits this weekend so as promised i had to share!

175g Butter
85g caster sugar or icing sugar
225g plain white flour
100g chocolate chips or sub for dried fruit/nuts
1tsp vanilla essence

Combine the butter, sugar & vanilla until soft

Add in the flour & chocolate chips

tip on to a work surface

use the warmth of your hands to combine in to a dough ball

i used my hands to form a long log shape very similar to a rolling pin size, you can choose whatever size / shape you like.

Slice as thick or thin as you want your biscuits and lay them onto a greased tray.

Pop in a preheated 180c oven for 10-15mins tops.. once looking golden around the edges pull them out.

And enjoy.. these are freezable for up to 3 months and keep for a good 4-5 days.

Heres the video how to :

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