Sunday, 9 February 2014

All about Soap Nuts and why you should try them!

I have been using these incredible Ecozone soap nuts for the last 6 weeks now and i can honestly say i won't be going back!
All i use is 6/7 nuts to last around 5/6 loads of washing every time!
Thats right no liquid,powder or softener and our clothes come out clean and fresh at every wash!
I brought mine from Ocado because they were doing a special deal buy one get one free so i got two 1KG bag of nuts for £9.99 with free delivery!

 So more about the Nuts in an easier form:

Heres how i use them.. i pick out 6/7 nuts and put them in the wash bag provided.

Pop them in the washing machine with the dirty clothes.

Put the machine on a 30c i use anything from 30c- 60c and your good to go!
After the wash pull out the bag and let it dry out ready for the next load.



  1. Hi Claire. I love your videos and blog. Can you tell me what the soap nuts smell like? Do they have a scent? X

  2. they don't have a scent no.. they smell of nature lol!!


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