Monday, 31 March 2014

Focus T25 Progress week 1

We've completed week one!
I have to honestly say it was was hard! completely doable but hard!
Both of us have really enjoyed it but it has definitely been an eye opening at how unfit we are!!!
I have been doing my workouts in the morning up at the crack of dawn before school run/ work which has been fine actually.
Graham prefers to do his in the evening when the kids are in bed and I'm busy editing!
We did measurements / pictures on Saturday as your supposed to, and my measurements are pretty much the same other then my hips I've lost 2 inches off my hips in just 5days and not only that I've lost 4 lbs already! I was gobbled smacked when i hopped on the scale, how can i already lose 4 lbs in such a short amount of time working out 25 mins a day?!
Anyway I'm not complaining i definitely already feel a bit trimmer & not so jiggly!!
Heres my new pictures for the week! (31st march)


Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Top 5 Tips for parents with Fussy eaters!!

Ok so I'm no expert at all.. nor do i think I'm completely right about everything I'm going to tell you now, but i do have two children which will pretty much eat anything so i must be doing something right... Although i have definitely been through just a small inkling of what some parents go through daily with a fussy eater.
When Alister hit around 18 months he went through a fussy stage just generally didn't want to consume food! which was an absolute nightmare! I was so worried because he wasn't eating he would get ill, he was however still drinking lots of cows milk! he eventually got over it thankfully within a week or two..
Alister again just a couple of months back hit a stage where he kept saying 'i don't like that' or 'yuk' at everything i put in front of him!
Thankfully Violet has never caught on! Again he got over it after a week or two!
Anyway so my top tips to help you with your fussy eater, all these things are what we do and have always done with both my children, Alister nearly 5 yrs and Violet 2.5 yrs.

Top Tips

1- Don't offer anything else! Yep thats right we've always eaten the same, ALWAYS! no one gets a special different meal. Thats telling the child that theres nothing wrong with the meal in front of them as you are all eating it and two they will go hungry if they don't eat anything.

2- No pressure!! When your all sat round a table focus on something else.. talk about your day or wants going on tomorrow, if your hovering over your child pressure rising them to eat their meal likelihood they won't touch it. Just try to relax!
I know its easier said then done but if you want to see improvements it may just work!

3-  Limit Snacking.. Try not to let your child over snack throughout the day. a couple of bits of fruit here and there won't hurt but if they get full up on snacks, they won't be hungry for dinner!

4- Quantity/Variety - Try not to over fill your childs plate. It will probably over whelm them with worry at how much your expecting them to eat.
Encourage with what they do have even if they eat 3 peas and a carrot stick! everything is progress!

5- Make food FUN! Why does every meal time have to be scary and just a chore because thats how a lot of children/ fussy eaters feel. Cut food into different shapes, get cutters for sandwiches just to make food that bit more interesting, try getting your child to help in the kitchen, using a blunt knife to cut up a banana or mixing.

I hope some of these tips are helpful if you have a fussy eater or if your looking to wean your child and how to go about it!


VAX Bare floor S2S-1 steam mop review

Ive been using the VAX steam mop for just over a year now so felt it was finally time to tell you how i felt about it! I pretty much use it around 2/3 times a week.
There are a few to choose from but i have the  VAX bare floor S2S-1 here: VAX pro is so ridiculously easy to use.. fill up one side with water ( unto the line shown) and the other with the VAX cleaner provided or what i prefer to use is half water half Method floor cleaner - its more of a natural cleaner which makes me feel happier!
So ill tell you some of the basic info on why you should choose the VAX in your home..
+Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria for unto 7 days!
+Breaks down grease and grime for easy cleaning
+Kind to the environment
+Clean all types of sealed floors/ tiles
+ Takes just 15sec to heat up
+Dries in minutes!
+super long 8M cord
+Washable  micro fibre floor mats
+Steaming time lasts for 25mins
+comes with a 2yr guarantee
+compact for easy storage

It glides with ease in and out of corners, one button to turn on, and in 15sec light turns green which means its ready to use! Theres a dial in the middle depending on how dirty your floors our. From just a quick clean to stubborn stains.
I honestly couldn't live without my steam mop would recommend it to anyone especially ones with children or pets!


Monday, 24 March 2014

Focus T25 - The Beginning

Ive been thinking about getting the T25 dvd pack for about a year! but have been totally put of by the price to be honest!
 I finally caved since I've had such lack of motivation this year about getting back on track with working out/ toning up.. A lot of it has definitely been down to being poorly in January which pretty much knocked me for 6!
And now in march again I've been hit by some sort of flu i just can't shift.
Anyway i spoke to Graham because i know he's been wanting to also get a bit fitter and tone up more, he used to do lots of sports before we met and you could say he pretty much ditched them all over the years apart from cricket which really only comes round half of the year!
So we've both made a packed to complete T25 together! not only will we have each others support to help motivate each other but it will do us both some good to tone and lose a few lbs!
You may not realise but since last summer I've gained a extra albs!!
Obviously it does fluctuate at different times of the day but roughly 8lbs.
Which really is a hell of a lot for my body, i can totally feel & see it with or without clothes..
This weight is probably the heaviest I've been since after having Violet which is quite disheartening really.
I know the cold weather & Holiday season always pretty much makes everyone gain a few lbs but thats been and gone and the summer is coming up and i want to get back into my bikini and feel good again and keep it off hopefully!
So I'm starting my journey here with Focus T25 I'm hoping to see good improvements and changes as my diet is pretty good but defiantly could do with a bit of tweaking just to clean it up a bit!

So more about T25 and what it has to offer.. The program itself is 10weeks long..
11 different workouts which defiantly helps keep you motivated without getting bored!
You have the Alpha cycle which is the first section of dvd's to go through for 5 weeks to build the foundation.
Then the Beta section again 5 weeks which is the core section which is the 'harder' section! you also get a workout calendar which tells you what dvd to choose on certain days & just keep you on track.
So the plan is to workout 5 days mon-fri but friday is classed as a double day so you do two dvd's in that day, Saturday is the rest day where you take measurements and Sunday is the stretch day!
You also get a Nutrition guide to follow if your needing to change your diet to which has quite a few meals in!

This is me ( in the black) after the first cardio workout..(24th March) sweating! in the white once i had a shower and cooled off!   I definitely need to tone up!
Im going to update weekly (with photos) so you can see my progress!

 Heres a link to where i brought Focus T25 if you fancy joining yourself!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Healthy Date Balls

I have been on a bit of a date kick lately, I've generally just been snacking on them just as they are but have seen a lot of different recipes on how to spice them up a bit!
I thought i would just go for a simple date ball rolled in coconut or almond flour
So all your need for a simple but tasty date ball..
mini chopper blender, i use the Ninja!
10 dates de-pipped
Desiccated coconut
Ground Almonds (or your own choice of nuts to roll them in)

First thing to do is pop your dates in your blender add a tsp of vanilla

Start blending and once your blender stops just from the dates getting too sticky add 1/2 tsp of ground almonds

Once it looks like a thick but playable paste stop blending 

Roll in to balls

Then roll into your nuts/coconut

Heres how they look once finished. Pop in an airtight container store either in the fridge or cool cupboard.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Homemade butter How to:

Ive made homemade butter a few times now and really love how simple and tasty it is.. 
I use raw cream from our own Guernsey cows thats pretty much all you need! 
But of course if you can't get hold of raw cream double cream will work also or a better option would be try and find a local milk farm to try and locate some!

So like i said all you need is cream and salt if you want your butter to be salted.. 

Pour you cream into a deep bowl

I use a hand mixer you could you a standing mixer though.. 

So start you mixer on the fastest setting, your cream will go through a few stages before reaching the butter texture.. stage1


stage 3 will start to lose the liquid fats from the milk/cream

You need to drain this into a separate bowl.. ( you will have to do this several times until no more liquid )

Nearly there!

Once its done its will be a silky creamy texture (like room temp butter) and start to stick to your blade!
Decant into either a sterilised jar or air tight container.. pop in the fridge and use when needed!
your butter will last in the fridge for two weeks :)


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Top healthy staple foods

As you know i try and stick to quite a healthy but varied diet..
I thought id share my "basic" healthy staples with you, these things are not necessarily things i use daily but definitely weekly..

1: Water- YES water! i drink lots of water throughout the day not only does it help me keep hydrated and motivated , its also great for weight-loss , healthy skin, the best thing for cleansing your body and digestive system.

2: Spinach- You all probably know i love spinach i will pretty much out it into most meals/ smoothies 
There are so many things to why you should add a little bit of spinach into your life heres just a few:
Spinach is a great source of Vitamin K, A & C and folic acid
High in fiber & water which means that its a great natural stool softener 
Packed full of iron so great if your feeling anaemic 
All these things are great for healthier hair, skin & nails

3: Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has so many uses, from cooking, baking to mouth wash or a hair mask. Again heres a good reason to make the switch, 
Great for digestion especially if you suffer with IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome)
Feeling a little stressed try using it as a massage oil for relaxation
Great for nappy rash its antibacterial & anti fungal so makes a great natural barrier
Great for dry skin can be used absolutely anywhere on the body!

4: non dairy milks- Almond/ coconut- Even though having the choice to have raw milk from our farm i still personally choose to use 'nut' milks, Ive always suffered from severe migraines and dairy has never been a good choice to have in my body whether it be milk/ chocolate or cheese!
heres why I've chosen these particular milks:
They taste great! lets be honest i wouldn't drink them if they didn't!
they are still packed with calcium plus all the other vitamins, potassium, magnesium , iron to name a few.
lower in fat compared to regular milk.

5: Seeds- The two main seeds i use are flax & chia - both are well known as 'super foods' .
I love adding them to smoothies, cereal, porridge, baking theres are so many uses!
heres why to give these little seeds ago-
Flaxseed is full of fiber & omega 3 fatty acids ( the good ones) so again great for digestion.
Chia again contains the above with extra calcium 

6: Healthy carbs! Quinoa. cous cous, wholemeal rice/flour/- these are the starches i like to cook with mainly, of course we love the odd white potato mash but these few grains are great substitute!
they carry all the same benefits plus extras without having the starchy bloated feeling after eating! 

7:Avocado- Avocado again is like coconut oil can be used in so many different ways:
From hair & face masks 
Cooking / baking or just eating it as it is def how I like it! 
I also love adding it to smoothies & scrambled egg for breakfast. 
Avocado is quite high in 'fats' but really good fats which are great to lower cholesterol & really slow in sugar. Its packed full of Vitamin B6, B5, C & E 

8:Fruit- Me and the kids pretty much live off fruit! 
All fruits are healthy but here are list of the 'healthiest' ..
-Red grapes

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Granola bars how to:

So a quick step by step on how to make granola bites!

You can pretty much add anything to a granola bar..
I used my home-made granola recipe here:
The usual oats, nuts & seeds is pretty much whats in it!
I used chocolate chips & honey simple! A honey alternative would be some sort of syrup or Agave

 Grease your tray so they don't stick!
 Preheat oven 160c
 2 cups of granola or your choice of oats , nuts & seeds
 1 cup chocolate chips ( optional)
 1 cup honey or your choice of syrup 
 spread out in your tin and press it down evenly pop in the preheated oven for 15/20mins
 When it first comes out i just go round the edge with a sharp knife
 Once cool turn out and cut up!


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Healthy Chocolate Chip Protein balls

Super simple recipe for a little treat either pre or post workout or just a little pick me up half way through the day!

What you will need:
two bananas
peanut butter
chocolate chips
protein powder( optional)

First off mashing your 2 ripe bananas

Add in 1 cup of oats

then add 1/2 cup chocolate chips

1 heaped tbs protein powder ( optional)

heaped tbsp peanut butter

Combine and roll into little balls

Pop in a preheated oven 180c for 10-15 mins

i think these are best stored in fridge/ chilled last over a week if you can resist!!

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