Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Finding the perfect Family Car

So what is the perfect family car for your family?

There are so many to choose from how do you even start?

Heres a list of the requirements we wanted from our family car...

1- 4X4, ok so living on a farm and generally in the countryside most of the time we knew it was time for a 4X4 style car!

2- 5 doors, Yes a definite must especially with children!

3- Eco friendly, So we wanted to go for something that was more efficient when burning the petrol especially as i drive a lot!

4- A good size boot, we like to go camping once a year so a family boot is essential! As well as for a pushchair & Grahams huge cricket bag to!

5- Safety, Of course one of our top requirements was something that was going to be super safe for the whole family!

So what did we choose?

We went for the Kia Sportage and i will tell you why!

+Starting off its a very good budget 4X4 at roughly around £17,000 New and looks really stylish!

+1.6ltr on average does just under 400miles when the tank is full which costs in the south £1.30.9p a litre about £58 to fill up, which usually lasts me around two weeks depending how far i travel etc!
To some people that may sound a lot but compared to how much our previous car costs us this is cheaper!
Cheaper is always better in my opinion!

+ Alloy wheels
+ tinted windows
+ LED daytime running lights
+ rain sensor windscreen blades
+ USB / Bluetooth & AUX- in connection
+ Remote central locking
+ 'ECO' dynamic low emissions / cheap TAX
+7 year warranty
The Sportage's safety levels are impeccable and it received a five-star crash safety rating from Euro NCAP. All models are fitted with an incredible list of safety equipment including: front, side and curtain airbags, ISOFIX points for anchoring child seats, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, hill-hold assist, a roll-over sensor and anti-whiplash headrests that protect occupants’ necks.

With anything you buy there are always some 'cons' that you may not be happy with i only have a couple which i can completely live with so here they are!

+ Its quite a bumpy ride... Yes the Sportage is definitely not one of the smoothest cars I've ever driven 
+ The front electric windows don't have  an Automatic Release, you have to hold the button down to fully close your window! So thats quite a small issue and to some people they may not even notice but even our previous car which was 11 yrs old had the automatic release!
+ Although the Sportage can hold 5 people the middle seat is rather narrow and high up which is a shame.
+ Instant Automatic Car lock, Never i mean never leave your keys in the car! The sportage automatically locks itself after about 5mins! which to be honest can be an absolute nightmare if your one to leave your keys in your car! 
Ive only done it once and luckily i was outside of my house so i had the spare inside!

All in all i absolutely love my car! 
Im so happy with how it drives, how safe i feel in it, how it looks, i wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a family car!



  1. We were going to look at the Sportage too but I sat in my Qashqai & it was love at 1st sight. x

    1. Ah yeah test drove one of those aswell as a KUGA! which is originally what i wanted but opted for a more budget 4x4 can't have everything lol!

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