Monday, 24 March 2014

Focus T25 - The Beginning

Ive been thinking about getting the T25 dvd pack for about a year! but have been totally put of by the price to be honest!
 I finally caved since I've had such lack of motivation this year about getting back on track with working out/ toning up.. A lot of it has definitely been down to being poorly in January which pretty much knocked me for 6!
And now in march again I've been hit by some sort of flu i just can't shift.
Anyway i spoke to Graham because i know he's been wanting to also get a bit fitter and tone up more, he used to do lots of sports before we met and you could say he pretty much ditched them all over the years apart from cricket which really only comes round half of the year!
So we've both made a packed to complete T25 together! not only will we have each others support to help motivate each other but it will do us both some good to tone and lose a few lbs!
You may not realise but since last summer I've gained a extra albs!!
Obviously it does fluctuate at different times of the day but roughly 8lbs.
Which really is a hell of a lot for my body, i can totally feel & see it with or without clothes..
This weight is probably the heaviest I've been since after having Violet which is quite disheartening really.
I know the cold weather & Holiday season always pretty much makes everyone gain a few lbs but thats been and gone and the summer is coming up and i want to get back into my bikini and feel good again and keep it off hopefully!
So I'm starting my journey here with Focus T25 I'm hoping to see good improvements and changes as my diet is pretty good but defiantly could do with a bit of tweaking just to clean it up a bit!

So more about T25 and what it has to offer.. The program itself is 10weeks long..
11 different workouts which defiantly helps keep you motivated without getting bored!
You have the Alpha cycle which is the first section of dvd's to go through for 5 weeks to build the foundation.
Then the Beta section again 5 weeks which is the core section which is the 'harder' section! you also get a workout calendar which tells you what dvd to choose on certain days & just keep you on track.
So the plan is to workout 5 days mon-fri but friday is classed as a double day so you do two dvd's in that day, Saturday is the rest day where you take measurements and Sunday is the stretch day!
You also get a Nutrition guide to follow if your needing to change your diet to which has quite a few meals in!

This is me ( in the black) after the first cardio workout..(24th March) sweating! in the white once i had a shower and cooled off!   I definitely need to tone up!
Im going to update weekly (with photos) so you can see my progress!

 Heres a link to where i brought Focus T25 if you fancy joining yourself!


  1. I think you look lovely already but i know what it's like to feel the extra pounds... i had my baby 11 weeks ago and definitely need to get some of the weight off now. Can i ask, when do you fit your workouts in? I'm a busy mum of 2 boys (2years & 11 weeks) and i just can not find the time to workout, something always seems to be happening that stops me from finding the time!

    1. thank you but yeah you def never feel the same until your back to wear you started lol! i usually do it in the morning.. violets usually asleep and Alister is usually playing with lego.. although o a nursery day, ill drop V off and do a workout at home after. when there in bed also is a great time to workout, although it can be hard to find the motivation at night time for me!


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